Being Stuck


Have you ever been stuck!  The frustration of it all!  The mud!  Well in life we can become life stuck!   I think that we get here out of a lot of different reasons.  Recently I had an employee transfer out of our department.  I was so upset that he would not want to work with our team!   I took sometime and evaluated what was happening.  He was not being able to bring his strengths to our team.

He had told me he hated our department and the type of work.  However that is only part of the truth!  He was shown disrespect in return hurt his feelings.  People put people in funks!  Causing them to become disenchanted.  Having expectations has a lot to do with this as well.  We dropped down in staff and it meant that this employee was expected to step up and work in an area that he found over whelming.  He then took on more work in hopes that this would help him.  It did not.  He kept seeking a different role.  He actually took a job where he is part-time.  He is now unstuck!  Will this be the last time he gets stuck?  I suppose not!  Life is full of growth and opportunity that is truly up to one and their goals.  I believe that being stuck can be just because we get scarred to try new things.  We are afraid of the risks of failure.

I am experiencing a mud holding stuck issue myself.  I  am dealing with my health and not seeing any change in how I feel.  I feel bad and pull myself along to work like I am treading through mud!  The goals I have set are to stay focused on this diet along with all the supplements I need to take and to get rest.  I have allowed this illness to defeat me!

Realism of how long it will take to feel better has a huge impact on how I see today!  When I wake up to my feet aching the tone is set.  Defeat is right there.  I have to change my thinking!   I never give in!  If I am not running a fever I am going to work!

I have Asthma, lived thru a heart attack, I will not give up!  The depression is the worst!  Being chronically in pain does a number on your life.  It has stolen my smile!  It steals my energy for activities.  It makes me mad! All this is me being stuck!  knowledge is power!  What ever I can do I want to take back my life!  I want to dance with my husband, play tennis with my daughter, take long walks and get back to a full life!

The Bible reminds me that I can do all things through Jesus Christ. When we are stuck we need to be on our aching knees seeking him to battle our issues.  I am the one who fails to call on him.  If you are dealing being stuck, I hope that reading this will give you power to look at your situation and know that you are not alone.  We can win our battles if we remember we are the body of Christ!

The Joy Of Peace Of Mind

What a topic! Joy of peace of mind! I have lost a lot of sleep over peace of mind and not having it! When I look back at why I did not have peace of mind. I am convicted of my own life choices that I then rationalize at the time as making a living! No more!

Peace of mind gives me joy these days where stress kept me wound so tight that I had chest pains and high blood pressure. I gained a ton of weight and just kept pushing myself over the top running to please a boss I could not please.  These days I am in recovery from that life. Yes it means giving up 100K dollar year job that was doing nothing but stealing my joy.

Being healthier has a lot to do with my personal joy. Yesterday I started my personal journey of dieting.  I am juicing. I love to juice and with the change in my career a year ago I stopped. I felt so much better when I was balanced and juicing.

I love blueberries so I tend to use blueberries, green alkaline powder, protein powder, chi seed and water with ice. However my daughter uses almond milk.

I would love to get your ideas what you do!  Today I made a carrot, apple, chi seed, cucumber and pineapple smoothie. It was very good!

Good Life for Half Tip:  when using chi seeds soak for five minutes while you prepare you smoothie. It is called blooming!