Warming Up Winter Decorating


I love Christmas!  Most because it makes me like all the snow we are stuck with.  Living in Nebraska.  When I think of the snow I think of pine trees the beauty of all kind of pines.  Bringing this into the home makes me happy because it makes me closer to nature.  I love to use cream and whites with blue, metals & natural woods with jute

Antique glass jars, coffee tins, greenery snow flakes and sparkly lights.  baskets filled with white coffee mugs- throws. long baskets filled with soft colored floral’s, greenery and pinecones antique skates along with buckets with pines.

I love to dress my table with a ton of white dishes, milk glass and antique wine goblets.    Keep those little trees out and use some white sparkly lights to make your home warm.  pile on the rugs to warm the floors to make home warm and inviting in January.  celebrate whimsy with snow men.  create a hot cocoa bar and what is fun is that they create marsh mellows that look like snowmen.

My quest to love Winter!  Check out Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts for some ideas as well on Facebook






Embracing Winter

As I get older my body does not always appreciate God’s Winter. Yet I came into this world in a January snow storm! So instead of loathing this season I am embarking on a new quest to love Winter!

When I was young we could not wait to go sledding! All my siblings would get excited to hit the hill to sled! It was the best time! We would come back with soaked feet by a the end of the day! But we loved it! Building snowmen was always a blast too!

Something happens when you grow up! We loose the magic and enthusiasm for things that were fun! God help me see the beauty in your gift of nature called Winter! Thanks!

I am NOT Joanna Gaines- But I am Mindy Petersen!

As I write this I am compelled to remind myself that life changes and life stays the same!  It is December and my mind races to other places- To Joanna Gaines and her success of her Magnolia Market to my struggle to grow my vision of Marketplace & Company.  I don’t have people swooping into shop the Marketplace and I sure don’t have a city that cares that I am there like Waco Texas! By the way I am a huge Fan of Joanna Gaines. I adore what they have created.   As well the cute little city of Mitchell, Nebraska!

I believe in revival!  Once a sugar beet factory produced sugar and the downtown was filled with stores from clothing to lumber now the downtown of Mitchell, Nebraska looks sad and run down!  Why did I choose Mitchell, Nebraska to open our business?

  1.  Cheaper rent to grow slow & steady
  2.  Square footage to create a fun business experience
  3. Room to expansion future business development

As I look at the reasons why they were sound business decisions.  The market has changed a lot over the past 19 months.  We are still finding our place in a community that is special.  We were so hopeful that the US National Balloon Races would help us this past summer.  August was terrible not as bad a July but quite bad.

We saw sales drop as kids were out for summer and a negative business environment with festivals taking sales away from small downtown businesses like ours.  When you are building your brand it is tough.  Very tough!  However you learn from your mistakes.  we need to work with the folks who are promoting the festivals to entrust that they remember their downtown businesses.  Festivals are to help not hinder. Sometimes the downtown business sectors get over looked.  We can change this.

I adapted and work hard on our online social media.  to create a destination marketing experience it meant looking at what I needed to change- location looked terrible inside had no energy- my nephew is an artist and he and his amazing wife painted out and mural painted the entire interior.  The vision of what I wanted is forming.  We worked hard to add liquor license along with better flow of the store set up.  We continue to challenge the consumer to come back for an amazing day trip to the market or back for dinner at our Italian Restaurant Pesto

One step at a time and focusing on what we are doing does create brand!  I am so thankful for companies that support my business by doing business with us.  When we make a mistake we say sorry and we grow from our errors.  Small businesses help grow communities and they are the unsung hero’s who risk lively hood to open a plumbing shop,  a carpenter shop, a gift shop!  All these types of businesses help strengthen tax base to create new streets, parks and build old into new.

The Gaines saw something old and thought we can turn that into something new. They saw that they could do something to better their community.   I too believe in Mitchell, Nebraska like the Gaines believe in Waco TX

Come see us in Mitchell, Nebraska we are small but we are unique!  We do have the Oregon & Mormon Trails-  We offer great decor, great coffee and amazing friendship to offer!

Mindy Petersen – Marketplace & Company –




Merry Christmas

As Christmas comes to an end at the Petersen’s.  We are so blessed to be part of this family.  I am so thankful that God made me part of this family.  We have a new generation that I am trying to share our traditions with.  Christmas morning the early wake up to our two year old grandson running his new car across the floors.  Giggling.

We have been creating Christmas mornings 37 years.  It is a combination of my husbands family of gifts on Christmas Eve.  They can open one gift.  we nosh on dips, crackers, & homemade broccoli soup.  Christmas morning is always fun because we end up in the kitchen as a family cooking Brunch then we sat down eat and then we unwind- around 3 PM I put the spiraled ham prep the potatoes that I par boil then slice into rounds, create an amazing cheese sauce and bake off.  at 6 PM we sit down to our Christmas dinner.

Back to relaxing reflecting and here I am.  Time to blog!  2019 has been a very busy year and as it comes to an end it is special to remember life is about family and faith.  I cannot imagine my life without my relationship Jesus.

Luke 20:07 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.

My hope to you is that your Christmas was special as well- Merry Christmas from our family to yours-  IMG_2196

Seeing the Success

Rarely do I think that I cannot manage what I have taken on.  I will make statements that God has placed this in front of me.  Maybe I am wrong!  Maybe I am the one that is running ahead of my God!  Sometimes we think we are doing his work and really we are just doing our work.  As I take on projects in my life I sometimes realize that I am doing things in complete vain.  I have been in a rut for quite sometime.  As I say this, people around me would be shocked to here this.  But when you work non stop without time off it creates all kind of life issues.  No time to work on our family.  No time to clean or to 78726403_2550729814974445_6403067502644953088_oenjoy what I am working for. No time to enjoy leisurely time off because I really do not have any!  Now with this said do not cry for me.

I am sure that other people manage this well!  Maybe because they have managers, housekeepers and personal assistance.  I do not have these luxuries.  “Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”- Philippians 4:13 

It is so easy to not see what I have accomplished.  However my accomplishments are not mine alone.  The remodel at the Market would not have happened without the amazing artist David Petersen who did the mural walls,  My amazing husband Bryan who hung barn doors-  The art that I choose and the theme of the sugar beet industry that helped build the valley in 1920 Great Western Sugar Company opened in Mitchell, Nebraska with the help of “Beeters” German Russian laborers who were recruited to help educate the farmers here on how to plant, grow and harvest the crops.  My fathers family raised beets and helped harvest the beets.  My husband’s father worked and retired out of the factory and my husband has been a Mechanic in the factory all of his life.

in 1996 The Mitchell Great Western Sugar closed and Bryan did not take a buy out.  He chose to transfer to the Scottsbluff, Nebraska factory.   Mitchell, Nebraska just gave up after the factory left and saw people sell their homes for half of what they were worth.  They stopped see what they could be.  Their downtown has lost businesses and the city has not established policies to over come.

I opened my business in a small town knowing the risks.  but the history

Smart growth strategies can help rural communities achieve their goals for growth and development while maintaining their distinctive rural character.

  • Planning where development should or should not go can help a rural community encourage growth in town, where businesses can thrive on a walkable main street and families can live close to their daily destinations.
  • Policies that protect the rural landscape help preserve open space, protect air and water quality, provide places for recreation, and create tourist attractions that bring investments into the local economy.
  • Policies that support walking, biking, and public transit help reduce air pollution from vehicles while saving people money.

No one buys a home to see the value drop.  My goal with building a company in a small town is to be proud of the community and what it offers.  I love Mitchell!  It has been a place that I find to be special.  I know our visitors that visit feel it as well. We put on special events that bring people to the Market to celebrate special moments in their lives.  The photo is of our grandson Jayson who was so excited to see Santa that he could not resist kissing Santa!  Out two year old has been part of the tradition at the Breakfast with Santa.  I work hard to promote Mitchell, Nebraska because it is where my heart is!  1218192bed-6510956_9985151_6x2_DIGI_150_1440_1.png

At the end of the day it is about the love of people!  Growing in a rural community to create love your neighbors and work hard to create a future that is more than myself.

A lot To Be-

woman holding black umbrella
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Good morning November- As I think of who I am!  I also think of what I am not.  We can all get really upset about the behaviors of others or what we perceive to be.  As I write this I think of how different things would be without God.

God made me in his image!  God made me to glorify him.  As I start my day I prayed this morning.  I prayed thanks for waking me up, I prayed thanks for grace in my life, I prayed for some people I do not know!  I prayed for our Nation and I prayed for our President.  Our country is in such a deeply ugly e-moral place.  There is a lot to be upset about!  However there is a lot to be thankful for!

The sun came up today- I got to hug my daughter this morning.  I got to call my sister!  I got to say good morning to my staff and I have an opportunity to continue to make things better for those I serve in my job and thru my company!

None of this above would be possible without God!  God created me!  My heart as I grow in my walk is about the love to put God first.  I want to be brave, I want to be courageous in a world who not seeking God!  Satin may look like he is winning!  But he never does!

I choose to be a lot to be thankful!  I choose to be a lot more kind to those who are rude!  I choose a lot to be more gracious!   I choose to be a lot more like Jesus!

A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stirs up anger.  Proverbs 15:1




clusters of pumpkin scattered in the field

Season’s seem to change faster as I get older.  It seems like it was just the beginning of June and now we are the door step of November.  Another year almost behind us.

The reflection as I drove in with snow crisp in the Nebraska air.  I love fall and it comes and goes way to soon.  Appreciate each season!  The Bible speaks of the seasons

Ecclesiastes 3:1 1There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:  This reminds me to stop and be peaceful.  To appreciate and know that each season is part of the journey.






A year of change!  October 25th a year ago, I announced that I was making changes at Marketplace & Companies! We started with the name to Marketplace & Company making it easier to be sourced on social media plat forms.  We moved away from the coffee house because we were challenged with traffic flow.  We added the Italian Restaurant Pesto Fine Italian as an evening dinner only-

We created brands for each area of the market so all we needed is to produce specific products for the market.

Butter Bakery

  • Cinnamon rolls
  • scones
  • 4 specific cakes
  • New York Style Cheese cake
  • Tiramisu & filled Italian cookies

Marketplace Coffee Company

Offers small batch Wyoming made coffee from the Cheyenne Coffee Company  as well we still offer a few selections of coffee from I & L Coffee Roasters.  The kids went into their own location in July.   We also bought out a tea company that allows us to produce fresh organic tea blends-

Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts – My favorite place

I love Clove Sage it is a place that transcends my love of the things that make a home a home.  From one of kind antique pieces too the tea towels and gourmet jams, candies and pastas from Italy!  We recently started our renovation of the the old Market.   with dried floral arrangements, wreaths, candles warmers, coffee mugs, teas, coffee, hot cocoa’s winter tea blends, hand made soaps, lotions and decor pieces.  We are creating something very special.  Our gourmet cookies that are seasonal at the market are customer favorites.  Look for our special selection- Right now we have an array of Halloween cookies that will make anyone happy!

Up Coming Events 

November 15th we will host Christmas Open House Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts!

November 1st  Pie orders for Thanksgiving go on sale for pick-up no later then Wednesday November 27th – Apple Pumpkin or Pecan Pies are on sale for $ 14.95  home made whipping cream a pint bourbon vanilla & cinnamon $ 9.95

November 30th we will host Small Business Saturday with Sample Saturday & Free shipping Saturday of gift baskets from the market-  We are hoping we will be grand Opening our Wine Shop and will host Wine Tasting Evening at Pesto Fine Italian

Pesto Unlimited Dinner Card goes on Sale December 1st- Only 100 cards will be sold

Allows the card holder 1 year of dinning in house with 12 take out meals to be picked up- Cost of card is $ 100.00 you can reserve cards starting now-

Biggest Office Party Event Saturday December 7th at the Market Tickets go on sale Monday November 4th- Ticket includes appetizers, dessert & drinks  $ 25.00 Market will Open at 3 PM – 10 PM

Breakfast with Santa December 13th- Join us at 9 AM-12 PM for this special Event.

Breakfast available – Santa Pancake with sausage or bacon and eggs $ 9.95 

Book your Private Party at the Market thru out December  by contacting us at granolabox@yahoo.com or following us on Facebook at Marketplace & Company 62034631_2954445397906900_5814451425958166528_n