Hello Reader,  Thank you for reading my blog. this started out as a journey of me and has become so much more.  God uses us and our gifts to serve others.  This blog is a journey of hope for the future that is bright when we allow God to be our parent because we need him.  Life has become so filled because of my personal journey of his grace.

Good Life for half is not a place to find financial freedom it is to help those who want to have a better life because just maybe, thru some of the blogs and my life’s failings will help someone see God!  when I wake I spend time in prayer asking for God to make me smaller and make Jesus bigger.  Humble and thankful is what I hope that those who follow me will see in  (Good Life For Half) More joy, More love, Better relationships and words that will feed your spirit.

Now about me, I live in a small village in Nebraska.  I have been married to my husband for 33 years.  We have 3 daughters 5 grand children.

Good Life For Half really has been in the works in my heart for a very long time.

Currently I own a small granola Company called Granola Box.  We ship our granola anywhere in the US.  We custom blend and specialize in low glycemic healthy granola.

I have been a career coach and business consultant helping others become employed and meet their goals!  What ever I do,  I try to serve God by helping those around me get where they need to go.  I believe that you should always leave people better than you find them.  Courtesy really does matter!

My personal mission is to be a light into the world!

God Bless you,

Mindy Cress Petersen