Love your neigbor!  So easy to see this statement but doing this is something so much different.  I have really struggled with this over the past couple years.  We had a rental property that we had bought for my brother years ago. When my brother moved in with us we decided to use it as a rental.  My husband worked very hard gutting an remodeling the home.  We used it as a rental for many years.  We decided to sell it due to my work kept me away from home and my husband did not like dealing with the renters needs.

We got an offer and sold the house in 2014 to a man who told us that he was buying it for his son. Well this is not what he did. He moved in a couple that bought it on contract.  They parked on the lawn.  let the lawn turn into weeds and put up a tent off the patio and filled it with household stuff.  I was devastated over all of this.

We live right beside this home.  The husband would give me dirty looks or I would asume that he was giving me dirty looks. I ranted and raved to my sister about how upset I was over what they had done to the property that we had taken so much care of.  My sister reminded me,  as well as my husband,  that the property was no longer ours!

They would have huge bon fires in the front yard. I would kringe. So angry at this man who would sell this home on contract to people like this!  I was being so judgemental.  It consumed me with bad thoughts toward our neigbors.  While I was being angry my husband was being a man of God.  The neigbor man is Native American.  My husband is proud of his Native heritage and creates beautuful LOVE FLUTES.  While Bryan was recoverying from Cancer last year the man gave Bryan some old wood.  Bryan took it and carved it into a beautiful Love Flute for this Neigbor.  He even made a stand for the flute.

I am so convicted of my auful attitude.  It comes down to differences.  My judgements are about how I think people should take care of their home.  It is none of my business.  While I was judging them for letting the yard go.  I was unaware that his wife had cancer too.  Mark 12:31 states that you are to love your neighbor as yourself.  So I have worked to get to know my neigbor better and to respect differences.

I also feel that this is to be applied with all our community and to be kind and be in the service to one another.  When we can help one another we create hope.  My husband is a great example of this. I know that God is working on me…

If we all would be convicted for our sin against one another we would do more to love one another.  So I hope that this message will help you to look at your neighbor with love.


Some Moments

As I reflect this moment today…..I trust God!  I cannot correct things others do.  I can trust that I am used for the good in life in how I choose to treat others.  I started a new job just three weeks ago with a company I know I could help the people be amazing.

Today that company announced they are being asked to vacate their contract within 60 days. They fired a man who has worked and served here for a long time. A broken hearted man was asked to leave.  So I ask “God be with this man and his family today. Set his feet toward success”.  Amen

What brought this to a place of disaster for this contract. When agreements are made it is easy to say someone else can do it better and cheaper.  In reality it can be.  But if you just fire the company and keep the old staff do you change anything?  I found that this does not change things for the better!  In the business world we must look to find solutions.  We need to help others less trained or with less skill become skilled by coming along side our people and helping them meet goals toward there on personal best!

Some moments are defined out of confusion.  Chaos or not understanding that certain things must take place. It is up to each person to come together with defined expectations to overcome needs in any agreement.

Some moments are defining moments that do not effect one but many.  I think if we could all take time and be more like James 4:11  “Do not speak evil against one another.”  We cannot help others by tearing them down.

Some moments can be changed when we learn to love and value one another. if you are an “I” person, you are missing the “WE” opportunities to change yourself by being part of a team.

James 4:14 “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring.  What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.

Together Each Accomplish More Amazing Moments-



In the middle means so many things to me.  At this time in my life I am in the middle.  When you start something there is a beginning middle and end!  No matter where you are in life there is a middle.

When you are trying to bring people together we are wanting to meet in the middle! As I was thinking about in the middle it brought back a lot of hope for me.  If you are in the middle of something, you are being progressive. It is not like you gave up! You are moving toward something.  I am in the middle of a lot in my day to day life.  Each middle is progress toward people, things and accomplishments! In life we can be so caught up about the end result that we can rush past things that are important.  Look at the results of being in the middle get us.

It starts with an idea! It then becomes an action plan toward the goal set off of that idea. From there you are working toward the middle and ultimately to completing the outcome. Being in the middle also can be destructive if you are one to give up.  New plan GET UP so the middle  does not become your quit!  Its okay when things do not go our way.  Sometimes we need to go back to the plan and revisit the why’s and what’s in it for me! If remember there is a reason for why and what’s in it for me! You can re-evaluate and come to a new place of understanding.  It is okay to restart!

I was looking at times in my life that being in the middle brought great success.  Completing my Life & Health State Insurance license. This was a tough exam.  Truly a victory when I completed. Going from working with youth to adult education. Learning how to public speak for huge groups and be comfortable. Planning for career moves within the same company and accomplishing this. So being in the middle can be just the beginning of great new things!

A lot of great times came out of being in the middle.  Allow yourself to enjoy life’s journey from the perspective of in the middle.








New Perspective

Sometimes we need to get a new perspective!  Break out of our daily routines to see someone else’s perspective.  I was observing my great nephew today as I hugged his brother Destin.  Taven watched from afar.  Taven has Autism and his perspective of our world is very different.  Taven does not really speak.  He will come to you to given him a hug and I will get a few kisses in on his fluffy pretty blond hair.  My niece loves and works hard to keep Taven happy.  Her husband Tom loves both his children.

Sandra his mother has learned to understand the needs of her son.  She can see what he needs and how to react to Taven’s sounds that only a mother can.  You can see this family is truly one with one another.  Each family member caring about one another.

Taven came to spend the morning with my sister and her boyfriend.  Taven is comfortable now at my sisters home.   Cindy recently moved into this home and it cause Taven a lot of stress.  He was confused to why Grandma and Grandpa did not live in there other house?  To Taven this was confusing.  He seemed more adjusted to take direction from all of us.  I actually was quite impressed with his peaceful demeanor.  He did speak saying “Love you!” “Mom” “Dad” and “Brother”

His world may appear simple.  Yet it is not.  He deals with being trapped inside his own thoughts and how he processes confuses others unless you take time to learn from Taven.  Taven is part of 24.8 million people who are diagnosed with this neurological disease.  1 out of every thousand children are now born with a form of Autism.

Take time to learn about Autism-


— Cristian Mihai

It seems to me that we spend most of our lives waiting. For some mystical alignment of the stars to create the life we’ve always imagined for ourselves. For someone to come into our lives and make us unimaginably happy. We imagine into existence a certain future we deem ourselves worthy of experiencing but we […]

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Fresh Eggs & Tomatoes

To get more out of life, one must set standards and goals to get what they want!

In life there are things that become part of who you are. Fresh tomato sandwiches on my home made bread! Like fresh eggs make all the difference in my bread recipe.   Quality ingredients makes everything better!

I grew up in a huge house and fell in love with food when I took Home Economics in high school. Susan Feezer was the teacher.   I could not wait to go to that class.   We learned really basic dishes.   However I was from a poor family so the foods I got to prepare in this class made me want to cook at home.

Our food at home was fresh eggs, tomatoes, onions, zucchini squash and other vegetables.  In that class I learned how to turn these items into meals!  I could not wait to go home and show my Dad I could read a recipe and cook!  That love of cooking has stayed with me forever and I am so thankful.

When I married my husband I really did not still know the amazing world of food that my children enjoy today. I had never had BBQ nor had I  had tasted home made chicken noodle soup or any home made foods.  Those basic recipes I had learned in school Home Economics really helped me out as a new wife.    My step mother cooked a lot of boxed foods such as Hamburger Helper, mac and cheese, goulashes and quick noodle meals.

One of my most treasured thing today is a cook book given to me by my Aunt Audrey for our wedding. The dishes I made out of that cook book are still staples.  I was always fearful of making bread. Now I make bread without a recipe. My daughters are just amazed I can do this.

Setting down to dinner is a special time for our family. I try to bring us all together for one meal a day that symbolizes my love for them with fresh vegetables, produce and meat. On occasion fresh cut bread and butter.

My daughter asked me why farm fresh?  I explained to her that she is worth the best! That is why I buy Farm Fresh!

Appreciation of  what we care about becomes part of our families memories.  I hope the love we share around our table will be shared with  new generations to come.

I hope I gave you something to think about- What do you do to show those around you they matter? Loved to here from you!


As a small girl I loved watching my mother put her make up on. Her process was not very in depth in 1970. I was five years old. I remember Mom was a mystery to me. She did not like to bake, she did not like to cook, she did not like to do much other then read. She loved to read. She did not read to us. There were five children and I am the youngest by five minutes.

We had moved to town. The house on West Highway had been the only house I knew. Dad had opened his own welding shop. This had been a dream of Dads for a long time. Dad was well known as a welder. the new house was right beside Dad’s Welding Shop.

I remember Mom went out and bought really pretty carnival glass oil lamps. I would love to have these today. She decorated the living room. The house we moved to was a basement house. I remember thinking what a strange house. It had 3 bedrooms which was great. Scott had a room and us four girls shared a room.

Mom seemed happy at first when we moved here. I did not know it would be the last place Mom and Dad would live together as husband and wife!

Mom never wanted us around a lot. When you would go to her room the door would be locked. She liked to read and not be disturbed.

My oldest sister Glen really was more of a mother then Mom. Dad would normally get glen up and she would get us up. Glen was the one who cleaned the house. Mom would do the laundry. I remember Glen giving my sister and I our baths. She would scrub our feet and wash our hair. A lot of times she was disgusted that we were so dirty from playing. Glen would be the one to dress us.

When my Mom was going somewhere I would beg her to let me go. Mom would always say no. I remember one time begging Mom to let me go with her. She said no. I am too busy today! “You are going to stay home with your sisters!” “Now go on!”

I got an idea! I would hide in her car. So I went out and got in the back of her car. there was a blanket in the back seat. I brought this up over me and I waited for Mom to come. Mom always wore white dress slacks and had white blouse and white cowboy boots when she went to town

As I waited I pondered when I should appear. I knew I better be quiet not to get caught. I was quiet as a mouse as Mom entered her Big Buick. This car was so pretty and really big to a five year old.

As Mom started the car I got so excited. I was going to go to town with Mom and have fun with her. As the car moved I was so happy. Mom would be so excited to see me, I thought!

The car pulled in front of the Telegram news paper and came to a stop! It was my moment to surprise Mom.

I came up out of the backseat throwing the blanket off of me. My mothers reaction was not as I had imagined it! I said “Surprise!” Mom screamed and Opened the door of her car so fast and jumped out. She did not seem so happy to see me. I giggle a bit as I remember her re action. However Mom was not pleased that I had disobeyed.

I about gave her a heart attack. I remember the look of sadness that she was not happy to see me. She composed herself and said come on.

Best part of this story is I got hang out with my Mom that day. I would like to tell you I did not scare my mother or do anything naughty but……I cannot!