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What’s your story?  I was thinking about how would I answer this question.  We all have a story to share.  We just stop looking at our lives as worthy to share.  I see a world where we post of social media to share a piece of ourselves.  But I sometimes do not see the beauty shared.  I see rude remarks, statements that do not reflect kindness toward others.  We have become cynical toward one another.  We do not take time to ask about one another.

My children did not get to know my parents, siblings or grandparents.  But if I take time to leave tid bits into these amazing people the story of me will be shared.  I want my children to share with my grandchildren about what type of woman I was.

I want them to know that I was a woman who over came obstacles, learned to cook so I could share holidays with each of them.  That I was a women who cared about tradions, Our Daughter Saturdays!  That I loved and was willing to sacrafice for them!  My story includes success and most important failures that I have lived thru and showed my children that you can overcome.  My story is full of amazing people who changed my life because of their stories.  They added to me.  Unselfish gifts from God to me…..

When we take time to share our life with others we over come so much.  I start my day in praise and prayer that God will use me for good and that I represent God.  A little less me and a lot more Jesus.

My story is about growing, loss of youth and joy of becoming more even though I am not young.  I am thankful for the story of me…. I know that I have something to share and I hope that my story will mean hope for those who read about my life thru this blog.  So much to share.  So much to be hopeful about.  We are not ordinary!

God made us each extrordinary!  Share your story it is the best story to leave your family.

Love to here your story!


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Sunday’s were so special growing up.  Church was not part of my child hood experience.  Sunday’s were a day of rest.  As I grew up and became an adult I married a wonderful man who understood the most power of Sunday’s!

Sundays these days are more sacred because I value what was given to us.  a day to rest and recuperate.  We have six days to work and toil.  This day I see as a gift from God.  the new covenant when Jesus rose on Sunday it changed the old covenant.

What I love about this day is that it can be whatever I want it to be.  I try to start everyday in praise and thanks with God.  Sunday used to be a day to clean the house, hustle around and do chores.  Not now. I like to spend it in quiet time with my husband, my daughters and brother.  Now God has added our little grandson Jayson who is makes this special day even better.  Even when I have to work on Sunday’s I work to make sure I am thinking of our Lord and the gifts he has provided.

We recently found a church that we attend to praise the Lord.  We do not always get to go to church due to our work schedules.  However I choose to praise the Lord at home with my family.  I choose to see the beauty of my life in all that God has provided for me.

Sundays are a day to praise thank and be happy for this is the day the Lord has made for you and me to be in worship with him.  Encouraged everyday by the amazing grace and love of my God.  Love to here what Sunday’s mean to you!


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I think of my life and the things I have done!  The good things are the things I do not really focus on!  I look at the things I did that were wrong!   Bad choices!  Did my decisions cause my harvest to be tainted because of my sin?

You bet it has!  The price of my sin is that my Father is a loving Father but he will hold me accountable for my sins.  Yes I am forgiven!  However my sin has to be ratified.  No one wants to pay the price for their choices.  This price is a bit different than buying a car and having buyers remorse!  It is the sin of choices that we all make that has to be paid.  How bad is my sin? What should be the price?  I am forgiven but their is a price  for my sin.   God will hold me accountable.  As he should.

As I drive down the road to work I try to spend quiet uninterrupted time with my father. I find myself listening for him to talk to me.  And in these times I find him with me.  Do I always like the answers he shares.  No!  But I have to own it!  To be better I must own it.

Submit to God and you will have peace. Job 22:21   What a wonderful scripture of hope. We should know that no matter what we can have peace grace and his mercy.

The sin I am dealing with is grumbling about messy house,  money,  kids and work!  I am working not to grumble about all the above.  We are not grumble against one another.  We are to get along.  Philippians 2:24 says “Do all things without grumbling or questioning.”  So I am working on this.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to save me and God loved us enough to send Jesus!

John 3:15 “For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten son so that all who know him would not be forsaken.”    I am thankful I get to be a work in progress.




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The world can make us see things in such a negative light.  Yet being more than me used to never be enough…..  I would not like my hair,  I would judge myself so harshly against what I would percieve I needed to be!  It has taken me a long time to realize that God knows me….He accepts me for who I am!  He knows my heart and he knows what I am going thru.  He heres my needs, He sees me in my best and he sees me at my worst.

Being more than me changed when I accepted Jesus as my savior.  The Holy spirit came in and became one with me… Yet I did not realize that this gift he has given me!   I am never alone.  He is with me and will not forsake me.

When I go into the world I should reflect Jesus!  But am I good at this?  Not always.  I have to think differently from being me!  When I was just MINDY I did not think of others needs.  My focus was about myself!  Jesus changed this all.  It has taken me a long time to realize that I am not alone now!  I have a companion who also sees me completely.

Isiah 58:11 says where God guides he provides!   This changed everything!  Because where I go he goes!  My accountabilty changed once I allowed God to work in my life.  His plan is always better than mine.  So I ask you to open yourself to what God will start in you he will complete!

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As I ask this question Who is running?  I am compelled to share a story of discovery.  Not so long ago my family was very different.  I had a father in law, A mother, A step mother and a mother in law.  We lost each of them to  CANCER-  Then my husband was diagnosed.  When you think you are trusting in God and you are not!  I found myself in a place where I saw things as blessings from God.  But,  just like King Soleman I was doing what I wanted instead of trusting God.  I fell into sin.  This sin of throwing myself into work out of fear of “how will I!”

I was so worried about the hospital bills and what if my husband dies.  I stopped letting God work in my life.  Satin loves it when we can be decieved.  Unlike King Soleman.  He allowed an evil spirit to take over him.  He became bitter because God no longer would speak to him.  We are warned in the Bible never allow our hearts to harden.

I am thankful that God loves me enough to humble me and bring me back into his guidance.  As a child of God I fall down a lot.  However each time I fall, God gives me a chance to learn from my mistakes.  What did I do wrong?  I decided to run ahead of God and decide for myself.  No faith in his plan for me.  I would figure all my issues out by myself. This never works!   Luke 17 God warned the apostles That no matter what we should never cause a believer to be tempted causing this person to lose faith.  We are to forgive one another we are to rebuke them if the repint. Faith is not being the runner, it is allowing God to run the race because we are faithful.  He then will forgive us when we go to him and ask!

I am learning to wait on my God and be faithful.   It is amazing when we trust and let God move us toward what he has in store for us How different the journey is.

Saved by grace-





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Love your neigbor!  So easy to see this statement but doing this is something so much different.  I have really struggled with this over the past couple years.  We had a rental property that we had bought for my brother years ago. When my brother moved in with us we decided to use it as a rental.  My husband worked very hard gutting an remodeling the home.  We used it as a rental for many years.  We decided to sell it due to my work kept me away from home and my husband did not like dealing with the renters needs.

We got an offer and sold the house in 2014 to a man who told us that he was buying it for his son. Well this is not what he did. He moved in a couple that bought it on contract.  They parked on the lawn.  let the lawn turn into weeds and put up a tent off the patio and filled it with household stuff.  I was devastated over all of this.

We live right beside this home.  The husband would give me dirty looks or I would asume that he was giving me dirty looks. I ranted and raved to my sister about how upset I was over what they had done to the property that we had taken so much care of.  My sister reminded me,  as well as my husband,  that the property was no longer ours!

They would have huge bon fires in the front yard. I would kringe. So angry at this man who would sell this home on contract to people like this!  I was being so judgemental.  It consumed me with bad thoughts toward our neigbors.  While I was being angry my husband was being a man of God.  The neigbor man is Native American.  My husband is proud of his Native heritage and creates beautuful LOVE FLUTES.  While Bryan was recoverying from Cancer last year the man gave Bryan some old wood.  Bryan took it and carved it into a beautiful Love Flute for this Neigbor.  He even made a stand for the flute.

I am so convicted of my auful attitude.  It comes down to differences.  My judgements are about how I think people should take care of their home.  It is none of my business.  While I was judging them for letting the yard go.  I was unaware that his wife had cancer too.  Mark 12:31 states that you are to love your neighbor as yourself.  So I have worked to get to know my neigbor better and to respect differences.

I also feel that this is to be applied with all our community and to be kind and be in the service to one another.  When we can help one another we create hope.  My husband is a great example of this. I know that God is working on me…

If we all would be convicted for our sin against one another we would do more to love one another.  So I hope that this message will help you to look at your neighbor with love.


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Life Worth

IMG_1298What is my life worth?    People who think that their answers are the only answers!  Really?  How is that one can become so sure of themselves and their solutions without looking at other options?

I look for solutions and I try to see more than my view.  Why?   Because I am not always right!  My husband Bryan is a quiet man who loves God and me!  I am fortunate to have such a good man to call my husband. He cares about me and does nice things because he does love me.  We look out for one another.

My goal in life is simple.  Be successful enough to keep money in his pocket.  I think of his needs and what would please him.  I don’t do this out of service,  I do this because he matters!  I love him!  When we love something more than ourselves God opens doors for good things to come into our lives.

I was working on a sheet today that listed our worth.  It was upsetting to me that at 53 years our life’s worth is not much!  a home, few vehicles and stuff that makes up a used life!  All the things we have matters today to who!  The holder of the stuff!  Stuff does not give me love!  Maybe we think it does but it does not!  I stopped buying new clothes seasonally years ago as a way to save.  I wear the same summer sandals season after season, the same shoes season after season.  I choose things that are well made and take good care of what I have.   We are to be good stewards of what God provides.  When I go to heaven the items here on earth mean nothing to me.  I will have no need to worry about them.  Our children will be left with items that were apart of me that God provided me to use here.  1 Thessalonians 5:18 reminds me the “Give THANKS in all circumstances; for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  What I have is enough.

I give praise today to for the good life and the value that is more precious than gold and silver.  The worth I have to my savior