Oh the hurt our Country is going thru.  We are  mourning terror here on our soil.  Las Vegas left our Country in shock!  This week Cary Underwood had a tough time getting thru the tribute that she sang at the CMA Awards.

The impact ONE person has is huge.  We are Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, sisters, brothers, and friends,  We are co workers, acquaintances and people from all walks of life, cultures and beliefs.

Mental Health needs have been reduced in this Country.  Organization are not allowed to share about a persons medical records under HIPA.  The Armed Services are not disclosing either. Our local law enforcement are forced to send to hospitals with small units that work to regulate meds and release.

These folks leave a wake of terror in their midst.  The shooter in Texas was methodical as he shot people in the head.  He was not stable.  Evidence of his behavior shows he was building up to this event.

Days before he had shown up at the Church for the Harvest Festival dressed in all black and staring at everyone.  His conduct was concerning and he was observed.   He was a delusional man who was ignored based off a long history of mental health behavior.

He went to the church thinking his Mother In Law was going to be there.  She was not! However, his estranged wifes grandmother was!   She was on of the 26 victims.

Sutherland Springs,  Texas is a small rural community who took this man in and tried to show him kindness, courtesy, compassion and love.  I read that the Church is being demolished.  A monument will be built in remembrance of those who lost their lives.

He heals the brokenhearted and bounds their wounds PSALM 141:3


A women prays for the 26 lost victims.


Working Thru It

Sometimes we need to realize that we are working thru it!  It can be working thru not understanding our childrens choices,  It can be our life priorities.  We all working thru something.  This year has been a year of working thru things.

Our year started with the news of a grandson.  At 51 I was not really pleased that my daughter decided that she and her then boyfreind was going to be parents!  My life plan for her had her finishing her degree in Nursing.  Well I had to work thru this to realize that it is her road!  Tough conversation with God!  No anger just concerns!  God said let it go Mindy!  So with love I wrote my daughter a special letter.  I worked thru it!

April came and I my contract was over and I had to accept this. No wage coming I had to rely on God to open doors.  I to trust in God!   I was working thru this.   God did not foresake me.  He opened me up to new oporunities.   I worked thru this with his love and acceptance.

May came and our daughter announced she was getting married tommorow- It was not what I saw coming.  I was thinking our daughter would have waited, graduated college, fallen in love and then we would be planning this huge beautiful event.  I had to work thru this to stand with her in a court house as she gave her hand in marriage.

We started our Granola company and this was challenging but with God’s help we got things going.  However it is still slowly progressing We are working thru this-

Cancer again we are dealing with the unknowns of my best friends, my husband’s diagnosis.  He has surgery again.  We are working thru this.   Life is full of things we must work thru-  Best part of working thru things is God’s presence to not foresake us in our time of need.

No matter what Gods grace has been here thru everything!  2 corinthians 12:9 says “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.  I am weak but my God is strong.   Gods GRACE is how I am working thru what ever comes our way.

I am not afraid, I know that we will be working thru this with God always!  “You keep all your promises. You are the Creator of Heaven’s glory.  Earth grandaur, and ocean’s greatness PSALM 146:6

What ever life throws at me,   I am working thru it with thanks and faith- Would love to here what you are working thru! 2681422d4cccab40b96d23477e51f736




Leading Who?

It is said that when you are an employee, you put in 8 hours of work.  When you are the leader you work half days!  Now let me clarify not 4 hours!  12 HOURS OR MORE! 

This is a different picture.  As the leader you show up!  You stay and you do not look at the clock!  You come in on week ends!  You leave family sitting in the parking lot while you encourage a new employee to see options!  To not give up!  To see that they are added value to your team!  Leaders go the distance for others.  You make sure to say Thank You!  You take time to stop bad behavior and to break strong holds when team mates are struggling.  You get up even when you don’t think you want to!  You don’t complain.  You trust others to bring their best because you bring your best!

Who is leading?  Is it you?  Or is it bigger than you!  You are given gifts from God.  Some people will be glad to work the 8 hours.  This is okay!  Not everyone is the leader.  However,  to be a leader you need to remember you are accountable.  Leaders fall down! Leaders fail and they over come great obstacles to be better.  Better at serving their people.  Better at giving time to help others see that they can do more.

Leaders work on their attitudes so that when they are focused on big decisions that they see positive perspective and help others see positive options.  Leaders look for opportunity to help others be more!  Taking time to evaluate their teams strengths!

Leaders are to provide hope.  Scripture to study “You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope.  Psalms 119

For me and my employees,  I will follow God to lead others!  83dbc83e3b2cf7cbd9d20f3cb9319952

Passing thru The Storms

Psalms 59:17 say “You are my strength, I sing praise to you.  God you are my fortress my God on whom I can rely. 


Passing storms in our busy lives.  We go thru so much and we get thru so much!  Question is do you think it is you who gets to go thru it?   I need to be reminded of the answer to these trials and seasons we are in.  One day with a blink and the sound of a trumpet all ears will here and all knees will bend!   Yes I am speaking about Jesus’s return.  What a glorious time for those who have decided.

So the act of balance today is a message of love of others around you, learning to not scream when I am truly hurt and to leave others with kind words of encouragement.  What I do need is to not allow for my heart to be filled with satins games.  I call on my Lord Jesus to rebuke the evil around me and all that I love.  AMEN

I know that my God is an awesome God and is not fair weathered, does not forsake me and that will be here with us thru every trial.  We are never alone.

My heart has to be focused on God first, family and then job!  When any of this is not aligned, you will be out of balance.  Sometimes it takes getting sick, or learning to say no to slow down to get back into balance.  Start the day with God and end the day with God.  Talk to God!  I want to communicate with God all day long.  When he is first all the other things come into alignment.

This past week we encountered some financial issues that made me look at some ways we were doing things.  It was out of this that I found some errors that will save us 600.00 dollars,  I then looked at another service we were paying for and found 70.00 dollars more!  I cut another service entirely that will save us 280.00 dollars a month.  No I want you to know that I did not find these errors! God said no to the 280.00 dollar bill and I agreed.  God said look at these accounts!  I did!

What God gives we are to be good stewards.  I have not been a good steward of what he has provided.  I am working on this and I feel the Lords encouragement.

I am thankful that when I am having a bad day, God is here for me to seek!

Psalms 59:17 say “You are my strength, I sing praise to you.  God you are my fortress my God on whom I can rely.


Are You Demanding?

264fda8c7024c1c59ad405c34d33ea66Do you ever think that you are a demanding person?  No one wants to accept that they are demanding?  We might say that we are just particular.   You might be called high maintenance!  In reality this all comes down to being about ” SELF”  I know this is a tough subject.  However we all at times are demanding and selfish.

We use excuses about why we are the way we are.  The Bible says we are to be kind.  In Psalm 107: 8-9 states “so lift your hands and thank God for his marvelous kindness and for all the miracles of mercy for those he loves. How he satisfies the souls of thirsty ones and fills the hungry with all that is good!”  Ownership is never fun when it is a flaw.  To be more we must do more than make excuses.


What can you do to be more like Jesus!  How can we not be demanding or self centered!  How can we approach life differently that shows others an approach of honor while building up not tearing down.  Take time to ask questions instead of demand.

God knows your needs, seek him in all matters- Noah was told to build an Ark.  His neighbor’s surely thought he was crazy!  yet for 120 years he waited on God.   Noah waited on God.  He did not demand God to send the rain he waited knowing to trust in the Lord.   James 4:10 reminds “Be willing to be made low before the Lord and he will exalt you!”