Embracing Winter

As I get older my body does not always appreciate God’s Winter. Yet I came into this world in a January snow storm! So instead of loathing this season I am embarking on a new quest to love Winter!

When I was young we could not wait to go sledding! All my siblings would get excited to hit the hill to sled! It was the best time! We would come back with soaked feet by a the end of the day! But we loved it! Building snowmen was always a blast too!

Something happens when you grow up! We loose the magic and enthusiasm for things that were fun! God help me see the beauty in your gift of nature called Winter! Thanks!


A lot To Be-

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Good morning November- As I think of who I am!  I also think of what I am not.  We can all get really upset about the behaviors of others or what we perceive to be.  As I write this I think of how different things would be without God.

God made me in his image!  God made me to glorify him.  As I start my day I prayed this morning.  I prayed thanks for waking me up, I prayed thanks for grace in my life, I prayed for some people I do not know!  I prayed for our Nation and I prayed for our President.  Our country is in such a deeply ugly e-moral place.  There is a lot to be upset about!  However there is a lot to be thankful for!

The sun came up today- I got to hug my daughter this morning.  I got to call my sister!  I got to say good morning to my staff and I have an opportunity to continue to make things better for those I serve in my job and thru my company!

None of this above would be possible without God!  God created me!  My heart as I grow in my walk is about the love to put God first.  I want to be brave, I want to be courageous in a world who not seeking God!  Satin may look like he is winning!  But he never does!

I choose to be a lot to be thankful!  I choose to be a lot more kind to those who are rude!  I choose a lot to be more gracious!   I choose to be a lot more like Jesus!

A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stirs up anger.  Proverbs 15:1



Finding My Audiance

chocolate torte

As long as I can think back, I have had the desire to just create amazing food.  The love of great food is all about people.  I love when I cook for my family because it is an extension of my love for them.   I feel that the love of food & family has helped in my walk with Christ because I have grown in faith of who I am as well as how God is using me in my life.

I have had a real struggle with writing of this blog for several months over my personal life.  If you have followed me in the past you have seen me open Marketplace & Company that houses our granola company Granola Box,  a coffee house Marketplace Coffee Company and now it also has in house bakery Butter Bakery,  a Vintage shop Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts, Pesto our Italian Restaraunt as well as Hello Cookie Company

Why so many shops?  Because we are located in a community that has lost its downtown!  We are part of a downtown block that holds a plumbling store, the Marketplace & Company, and a hair salon.  Across the street there is a clock shop that does not see customers at its location.  A American Legion who just celebrated their 100th year with no fan fare and a bar & restaraunt named Reds

Rest of the buildings are since closed with no economic hope of renewal.  Yet this is where we decided to lease space for our granola company.  the building is nearly 100 years old with amazing orignal tin ceilings and a vibe back to the 60 with painted wood panenling.  the bathrooms were probably put in at that times as well.  Its orignal life was that of a state of the art pharmacy 100 years ago and would have had a soda fountain.

With a population of 1,300 people the community has not seen growth.  Highway 26 goes straight thru this community with not a lot of people getting off the highway to do business downtown.  Our orignal thoughts was to produce just granola there.  but being new we are stilling finding our Audiance.  We wholesale our product.  However the goal was to locate Marketplace owners for each section of the market.

As I struggled this first year I tried different things.  When we did our grand opening it was apparent that we needed to be vested,  I believe that you should be vested in the youth of any community.  So we selected the a group of kids that we donated a portion of our proceeds to raising 390.00 for over this past school year.  This did not grow a customer base. I was in hopes that we would see students come in after school to do homework and hang our in the coffee house. I feel that seperate shop owners should be my focus.  My goal is to lease each section of Marketplace to people who will promote and there skill.  So that is what we are doing now.  Seeking

I have found my food love with PESTO our Italian Restaraunt.  I have been cooking Italian for 35 plus years using heritage recipes that we create at Pesto.  The food is real with a growing following.  We operate only in the evening at this time making it a speacial place to come for a group.  If you do something great people will come.  This Audiance is growing.  with Wine and beer being added this summer I hope to see this take our average transaction up!  Business has changed so much and if I was not able to over come my original plan I would be gone by now.

Are we making my investment back?  At this time NO!  The business investment was my retirement plus half of my wage that I make.  In the past you could just go to a bank and they would set you up with line of credit and loan.  I choose to go the seed to ground aproach where we do the work and reap the harvest.  Not an easy approach! However it is a worth the journey-





June 15th 1984

June 15th is more to each year!  As I think of this day it is not a day that we celebrate with a lot of hoopla, going out or even taking a trip.  It is a day of remembrance that something very small happened that turned into something really big!

I married my husband on June 15th.   We had really nothing.  I had some old dishes that had been in a box that I treasured from working for people as a youth in Torrington, Wyoming. Some old photos our bibles and old furniture, old pickup and an old car started our life!

Bryan has been the one constant gift from God.  Bryan is been my best friend.  Even when we have struggled with our love and allowed others as well as ourselves to fall away at times.  June 15th 1984 is a special day when two people became one.    Those vows to love and honor has held us together.  In 35 years we have seen our young bodies become old, our hair gray, our children grow, our grandchildren have grandchildren.

We have seen our parents pass!  Good times and bad we have gotten thru it all.  As we had coffee this morning we spoke of thanks to God!  We have been blessed to live in the same home we bought 34 years ago.  We are blessed to have raised 3 daughters in this home.  We have been blessed to have safety that God has provided.  We are blessed to be able to wake in a bed and not in a box.  We are blessed to have one another as others may not.  We are blessed to be able to help others in need and we are blessed because a life that God sewed together stayed together.

A tribute to my best friend!  I love you Bryan and I love my Lord who gave us a love that has stood strong.  I know we will see more trials and with God in the center of our lives we will stand as one!  Happy Anniversary Bryan!

The Giving In!

Do you ever notice sometimes when we think things are not going the way we want, we then will concede by accepting what ever the circumstance is?  I call this the moment “The Giving In” moments of life.  We do this to adjust to what we are not accomplishing!

An example would be life style change that removes specific things out of your diet.   You expect that you will just become this thin person over night.  You go the scale like it is new toy in the house that you want to play with!  Then there is the moment of defeat!  The Giving In!  The sloughing of the feet as they retreat from the scale who has put your hard work back into perspective!

Recently I have been feeling defeated.   Our defeats can tear us down and make us not want to try!  At times it becomes easier to accept defeat!  As I write this I am dealing with the emotional state of a new business and my expectations.  As well the on going life changes that I have had to make for my health.  We all have challenges and it is more of how we persevere the storms that we bring on ourselves as well as those that we did not see in a health concern.

The success we will have is in trusting God!  When I am in my storms I am not always seeking God.  Satin loves to use our events to keep us from our real need.  God!  As I have said and continue to say!  Satin is a deceiver!  When we are challenged we are to come to God with our needs.  Fasting and praying is something I have never done.  I have had profound answers to prayer in my life. Fasting is something I have never done.  If any of my readers here have, I would love to here from you.  As I write this I am reminded of how Noah must have felt!  He must of looked foolish as he was ridiculed over building this huge boat.  At times! Noah could have given in to the ridicules! Instead he stayed strong in obedience to God!

Ephesians 6:10-18

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, …

A Tribute


Our daughters are gifts to us!  Children are sent from God.  Not everyone nor do I always remember that they were sent into my life to be life companions and to bring joy along with heart ache.  As I write this, I think of mothers & fathers who don’t get to have their children in their lives.  Just a year ago a little girl had a seizure while driving.  Her car drove off into some sheet grass where it the exhaust started the car on fire.  The young driver never awoke from the smoke that then started the car on fire.  What a tragic loss.

As I write this I think of young girls who are abducted and murdered.  My heart breaks for the Tibbitts family as they deal with the fact that their precious child was murdered.

My heart goes to a scene along side a rushing river as we waited to hear they found my little cousin of 17 years old.  She was found 7 miles away tangled in debris of the river.  Oh how this little girl was so beautiful.  Each of these amazing young women had dreams and so many who loved them.  Each situation different but the loss real!

We struggle to understand why these horrible things happen.  In my home I have a plaque that states the following “Enjoy life because it has an expiration date!”  What a terrible thought and yet it is so true.  We need to grab life and not get caught up on not living.  unfortunately it is easy to put off life based off of goals.

As I think of the young ladies it hurts to think they did not get to marry, they did not get to have children, they did not get to say good-bye to their families and they left way too soon.

One was taken from a fluke issue, one at the hands of another and one to nature of the water.  All still impact and will continue to impact all of us.

our Brittany was beautiful.  A petite little girl with the most amazing spirit who had gone to France with her mother and French Club that summer.  She would have been a senior.

Molly I can only imagine was excited about her education to be a physiologist as she would have been a junior in College.

Liliana was an athlete who spent her last summer as a guard at the local swimming pool.  The little kids loved her.  She would have been a senior in high school.

Taken to soon.   A tribute to each of these amazing young women who are sorely missed today and always

  1. Psalm 116:15 15Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.

    Psalm 23:1-6 1A psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 2He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. 4Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

    Our hearts still beat, our eyes still fill with tears, our minds still question why?  Our hearts still miss!  May God comfort us in our losses and fill us with the loving memories of those who are missing taken too soon.

My Financial needs & God!

th9ZI8QCA3I am so thankful for the trials that God has been there for.  He has been there every time.  Even when I was trying to do it my way.  God never lets me down.  I have been the problem behind every one of my trials!   Brought on by my own need to control instead of trust.

I have been evaluating this behavior & where it stems from.  When my husband & I got married,  he told me he wanted to manage our finances.  So any error became my cross to bere.  Oh and there was a lot of errors.  As I have gotten older the errors have have lessoned.  However not understanding the finances is just an example of life errors that I have made.

Asking me to manage the family debt has been devastating for me at times.  I was raised with nothing.  I have tried to do good with what God has provided but I am ashamed of what I have not been able to produce for God’s glory. However I forget to see the grace of what God does for us.  I am reminded how foolish of decisions we have made with our money.  Sometimes as a desire to serve our family.  Forgetting God will provide for our children.  I am so thankful that God knows my heart and knows that I want to do right by others through service of employment.  in Matthew 6:31-32 it states the following

Do not worry then, saying, ‘What will we eat ‘ or ‘What will we drink ‘ or ‘What will we wear for clothing ‘ For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.

I cannot make the grass grow, I cannot make the wind move,  I cannot keep my children from their life choices nor can I control anything that God does not have planned for me.

I am thankful that God has provided me with gifts and talents that help produce good for his glory.  I am thankful that he has allowed me to learn from my failings.

“I have learned that mistakes can often be as good a teacher than success!” 

-Jack Welch

All things have a season and if we truly walk by faith then it means trusting God’s will for our lives.  Our finances are important and God will continue to grow me in this area.

I may never have the finest things here on earth!  But what I have is better than all the wealth.  It is the joy of loving God and knowing that he has provided for me and never has forsaken me for a moment!  in Proverbs 10:22

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.


Here is wishing you blessings today of abundance from our Father who loves us!




What if……?

What if instead having people tearing down others, we built one another up?   What if instead of judging one another we worked to better our neighbors?   What if we cared enough to show honor to our leaders?  What if we picked up our Bibles and read it?  What if we set down at the table in the morning and ate together?  What if we spent time with one another at the end of the night as well?  What if we took time to pray and be in communion with God?

All these things are basics what if’s that missing from our communities.  We don’t do business with our local grocery store!  We don’t buy stamps at the post office we pick them up at Wal-Mart!  We don’t use the car dealership in the town we live, we go out-of-town and buy!  We don’t teach our children to show respect and they then grow up to be people who do not show respect!  What if we could change this scenarios?

I think that we can!  Remove people from your influence that are negative.  Make changes to protect your spirit by who you hang with.  Go out of your way to be a neighbor!  When you have an extra serving share!  Instead of tearing down our leaders remember we are called to pray for our leaders.  Take control and read the Bible, blog and stay connected to believers.  Wake up early enough to have breakfast with your family and make dinner time a part of celebrating the day. Thank JESUS for everything!

Jesus gave us the a life to observe as he not only showed us his moral light in what he taught the people he gave his life to give us opportunity to be more.  As I write this I am reminded that I fail daily at being a good neighbor.  I think it is because we need to see past our zip code and look around at what is happening in the small towns we drive through!  I could have more money in my bank account if I did not do business in the small towns that make up the rural landscape.  However I would be part of the problem of not doing business with my neighbors.  Caring enough to go vote on election day & then respecting the outcome.  praying for our businesses, praying for our leaders means I am called to be a good neigbor.

No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.


The Quiet Reflection & Grace

We are so accustomed to getting what we want at a touch of a finger with technology! As I write this we are without wifi and wow my family is stressing out because they cannot access their games or be online! The peace of writing I find myself content to reflect what a good day it was!

Work has not been a place of refuge for me. It has been a place that up to now that I have enjoyed going to. However lately not so much. It has been a place of discontent. I am

ready for a vacation or a couple small get a way’sthZDMEMP2V. The past 7 weeks our entire family has been working so hard at our company. We moved into our new Store location at the end of June and wow it has been non stop work. We added a coffee company along with our granola company Our goal with the location is to be a Marketplace for many business to come together under one umbrella and offer services that are not being met within the community. A coffee house was not being met. We offer local roasted coffee from I & L Coffee Roasters and soon we will have a Bakery added to the partners.

To be at home off of my feet just being thankful for this quiet time is just what I needed. I took time this morning to get right with God and pray for restoration as well as seek him in all my matters that only God can help me with. I prayed for my people because my people matter in how they serve! We all have roles we must play in the work place. Understanding the conversations that we have to have are not always easy. As a leader I am called accountability! We are all human and we screw up! I took time to have set down visits with staff who are not one minded with our goals. It was a productive day. I am thankful to the Lord because I felt him today one with me. Reminder: Seek God to be part of your day! Praise and Thanks God for making me more like your son! Truly want to be more like Jesus and less of me!


Being Stuck

“I will not give up!”


Have you ever been stuck!  The frustration of it all!  The mud!  Well in life we can become life stuck!   I think that we get here out of a lot of different reasons.  Recently I had an employee transfer out of our department.  I was so upset that he would not want to work with our team!   I took sometime and evaluated what was happening.  He was not being able to bring his strengths to our team.

He had told me he hated our department and the type of work.  However that is only part of the truth!  He was shown disrespect in return hurt his feelings.  People put people in funks!  Causing them to become disenchanted.  Having expectations has a lot to do with this as well.  We dropped down in staff and it meant that this employee was expected to step up and work in an area that he found over whelming.  He then took on more work in hopes that this would help him.  It did not.  He kept seeking a different role.  He actually took a job where he is part-time.  He is now unstuck!  Will this be the last time he gets stuck?  I suppose not!  Life is full of growth and opportunity that is truly up to one and their goals.  I believe that being stuck can be just because we get scarred to try new things.  We are afraid of the risks of failure.

I am experiencing a mud holding stuck issue myself.  I  am dealing with my health and not seeing any change in how I feel.  I feel bad and pull myself along to work like I am treading through mud!  The goals I have set are to stay focused on this diet along with all the supplements I need to take and to get rest.  I have allowed this illness to defeat me!

Realism of how long it will take to feel better has a huge impact on how I see today!  When I wake up to my feet aching the tone is set.  Defeat is right there.  I have to change my thinking!   I never give in!  If I am not running a fever I am going to work!

I have Asthma, lived thru a heart attack, I will not give up!  The depression is the worst!  Being chronically in pain does a number on your life.  It has stolen my smile!  It steals my energy for activities.  It makes me mad! All this is me being stuck!  knowledge is power!  What ever I can do I want to take back my life!  I want to dance with my husband, play tennis with my daughter, take long walks and get back to a full life!

The Bible reminds me that I can do all things through Jesus Christ. When we are stuck we need to be on our aching knees seeking him to battle our issues.  I am the one who fails to call on him.  If you are dealing being stuck, I hope that reading this will give you power to look at your situation and know that you are not alone.  We can win our battles if we remember we are the body of Christ!