New Perspective

Sometimes we need to get a new perspective!  Break out of our daily routines to see someone else’s perspective.  I was observing my great nephew today as I hugged his brother Destin.  Taven watched from afar.  Taven has Autism and his perspective of our world is very different.  Taven does not really speak.  He will come to you to given him a hug and I will get a few kisses in on his fluffy pretty blond hair.  My niece loves and works hard to keep Taven happy.  Her husband Tom loves both his children.

Sandra his mother has learned to understand the needs of her son.  She can see what he needs and how to react to Taven’s sounds that only a mother can.  You can see this family is truly one with one another.  Each family member caring about one another.

Taven came to spend the morning with my sister and her boyfriend.  Taven is comfortable now at my sisters home.   Cindy recently moved into this home and it cause Taven a lot of stress.  He was confused to why Grandma and Grandpa did not live in there other house?  To Taven this was confusing.  He seemed more adjusted to take direction from all of us.  I actually was quite impressed with his peaceful demeanor.  He did speak saying “Love you!” “Mom” “Dad” and “Brother”

His world may appear simple.  Yet it is not.  He deals with being trapped inside his own thoughts and how he processes confuses others unless you take time to learn from Taven.  Taven is part of 24.8 million people who are diagnosed with this neurological disease.  1 out of every thousand children are now born with a form of Autism.

Take time to learn about Autism-


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19,495 days I have had thus far.  We all have a life clock that only God knows will stop.

As I think of my clock I wonder how many more days will God bless me with here on earth?  I hope I get more time.  Time is important to correct things.  We all need a bit more time to say we are sorry!  I wish I did not hurt you!  How can we fix this?  Life is short!  I found this excersize of calculating all the days past very eye opening.

What could I have done differently?  How many days have a missed of joy?  How many moments I would like to have back!  Eating dinner with my grand parents.  Folding clothes for the nice neighbor lady who hired me when I was a child.

The long walks with my Step Mother. Playing baseball with my siblings on the farm.   Time to have known my parents.  I would have loved to used some of these past days hugging more loved ones.  Being understood! Knowing God better!  Knowing myself better!

But what can I do today!  How about appreciating all the things God has provided me thus far.  The loved ones he shared with me.  The love of my best friend who is my husband today for past 12793 days. We have raised 3 girls and several foster kids have been part of our life experience.

We are all sent here for a purpose. Some people know their purpose as others of us struggle to understand what and why they are here.

My twin sister is very successful.  Her life experience has been quite different from my experience.  Yet we were born the same day and only minutes between one another.  Her life experience has been filled with love and work!   She makes money and I chase money!

We both have 2 children! Our oldest both born on the Number 25 and our youngest were both born on the number 6.  Our oldest children have both tend to have traits similar to their cousin.  Our youngest born on the number 6 are both really compassionate.  Similar traits as their cousin.

I had a heart attack at 45 and I am heavy.  My twin is thin!   God only knows why we get the lives we get.  This past year has been a journey of hope and failure.   I am now waiting on God to move mountains that I cannot move.  My faith has been tested and the evil one likes to steal your day.  He likes stop clocks and he likes to put doubt where joy should be.

When I look at my life versus my twin.  I can feel very unsuccessful!  But I need to look at my life and see what God has provided me.  He has given and he can take! His blessings have been ubundant.  We still have the sun come up!  We still smell the flowers and the trees.  I value time with my family and love being in my kitchen serving up a nice family meal where we sit down at our table as a family.

I am very glad for what I am!  I am a child of God and God will do a great work in me until he takes me home.  Thank YOU Heavenly Father for giving me each special day.

Celebrate your life clock and rejoice.




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I find myself thinking this a lot. What to do?  What to do now?  What to do tomorrow?  What to do when this fails?  What to do when we don’t have anything left to sell?  What to do when?  These are all tough What to do’s to deal with.

When I become pitted against my own ideas and start giving into this type of thinking I remind myself of the following!  I can fail!  I can always do something different!  I can choose to let tomorrow take care of itself!  I can change things because I have the power to do so!

Sometimes we need to remember our past accomplishments.  Remember that you to have defeated the dragon of doubt.  Doubt is not of God it is of the Evil one.

When things do not work out and we have to try something different we forgot that we are not alone.  I am convicted as I write this because I find this to be so true of me.   I give up sometimes on me.  I have been dieting with my youngest daughter and she is making great progress.  I am struggling.  this always makes me feel like a failure.

But when I take a step back and look at how I feel even though the scale is not moving as fast as I want it to.  I have to remind myself I am 53 years old.   I am not 15!  The goal is to have fun while I watch my daughter find love in exercise!  This is a victory for me to see her want to go to the gym.  She is finding her inner person and having fun doing so.

What to do today ?  I choose to pray and be thankful for the moments when I do not have the answers!   I have to trust in God to pull me thru just as he has done always!

Grab your what to do attitude today and pray!  Happy 4th of July to our Great Country and to you!

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Boxing the wind

Well in my quest to get healthier I have been going to the gym and tonight had the best boxing workout!   I have always power walked and boxed the wind!  Hitting a bag is so different!  The first time I went I was so beat.   On return to home I  fell into bed with exhaustion.  I was not certain I wanted to it again!  Ever!    But this it was invigorating!  I opened up to this and time just flew.  I boxed for more then half the time I was in the gym.  I let go and found my “old Lady rhythm!”

The body aches are here anyway so why not challenge myself.  I find my self at a place where I don’t know what the week holds.  It is tough to start something.  I set goals but if you don’t have people to support those goals they are only dreams.   Going to a gym where 95% of all the participants are in perfect shape is very humbling.

I am not in perfect health and from years of sedentary jobs I am not thin.  I am  truly in the worst condition.  I committed to getting healthy with my youngest daughter.  We have been counting calories, eating salads and now we added the gym.  When you are young the weight comes off.  Not so easy when you are in your 50’s.

Sometimes we have to get out of sync so we can find our way back to us!  I feel like I have been doing this the past few months.  Getting reconnected to me and God.

Follow my adventure

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The Spin

It seems as if I have been in a Spin!  I have been so busy with Granola Box my new company that I have just been spinning.  Tonight I took time to go work out with my daughter.  My sister has a 24 hour gym and Kelsey had wanted to look into membership.

Kelsey sent her a message and Deanna told her we could come anytime at no cost.  What a kind thing to do for us!   We tried a spin class that Kelsey did not like.  So we then  lifted free weights and played with the medicine balls.  We both felt a bit out of place.

As we go this will become more comfortable.   But it was a bit uncomfortable tonight.  Which brings me back to things that create spins in our lives.  Change creates spins in our lives.  Some people love the spin of new.  Some do not!

I tend to not like change and when it happens I then deal with the spin of it.  I tend to try to plan of the spins so when they come I can be prepared for any outcome.

I am in the spin of my life right now with starting a new career for my daughters to eventually run.  a Marketing company and studying to be a real estate agent.  Taking back my life on my terms came down to if I have to be spinning plates.  I am going to be spinning my own plates!   I am so glad that I know that I can do what ever I put my mind too.  Don’t ever not believe that what you want is not attainable!  Go for it!  The spin is going to happen anyway so why not really jump in and do what you dream about!

Life is short!  Don’t let others tell you NO you CAN NOT!  Show them YES YOU CAN!

Be brave and go for the dream!  Who knows you might find new joy and a new chapter of YOU!

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Granola Break

It seems like it has been a few days since I have been here!  I have been so busy with home projects and studying.   I am studying to be a Real Estate Agent.  I have held a degree in Interior Design that I have never seen my education return on its investment.  Primarily,  because where I live.  I love interior design!  I think because it’s all about the people who live in the space you create! I adore  Joanna & Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper on HGTV!   I think working together in anything makes life better.

I was reading recently a story about Joanna.  She actually studied in New York to go into broadcasting. Funny how God says “No” and he sends you in a new direction.

I love to read about others because we see things we can relate to!  In the end our lives are what we plan and what God then takes our hearts too!

Granola is a thing I am being directed to by God right now. I just started a Granola Company!  We specialize in low glycemic & low sugar options. sugars.  We use local honey or organic maple.  We just launched on etsy.com

I spend time listening to what my customers want and formulating flavor profiles. I hit gold with the Apricot blend and a peach mango.  Today we took orders and replenished local stores that are carrying our line.  It is never easy to start something new.   It seems like people who cannot dream do just that they do not dream. They give up.  I feel like that a lot but I have to work towards what I start.

I hope my Granola is like MANNA from God.

I would love to visit with anyone who has started a small food start up!