It is obvious how unique we are and yet how very similar we are.  I had the pleasure to go to a new restaurant in Cheyenne, Wyoming called Naples that serves Italian food.

As we entered the 100 year old building I could tell we were entering a special place.  The building has been well preserved over time and it showed its age nicely with white linen table clothes and napkins we were ushered to a table.  The well-dressed waiter filled our glasses with water as if to say “welcome let us refresh you!”  He gave us menus and we started looking it over.  Our menu was similar to theirs.  Our price points much more affordable.

Italy and regions of Italy food really varies.  I look the create food that celebrates different regions.  I like to try new dishes.  At our restaurant Pesto we do an evening special along with our full menu.  I started doing this a month ago and I am so glad I did.  I am finding my chops!  It allows me to explore more of what I love and to share this with our guest.  I met the owner and his team came from New York City.  All of these folks expressed their boredom with the great city of Cheyenne, Wyoming.  To us it is a day trip to visit Cheyenne and love our shopping and food experience.

They all spoke of missing the city and the hustle and bustle.  Coming to Cheyenne is a day away from my world of work and stress of running my own company and working full time.  A day away always helps to have someone else serve me with a smile and today accents.

I Miss Cheyenne today as I think of the fun day I had there.


man pouring wine on glasses
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