I am NOT Joanna Gaines- But I am Mindy Petersen!

As I write this I am compelled to remind myself that life changes and life stays the same!  It is December and my mind races to other places- To Joanna Gaines and her success of her Magnolia Market to my struggle to grow my vision of Marketplace & Company.  I don’t have people swooping into shop the Marketplace and I sure don’t have a city that cares that I am there like Waco Texas! By the way I am a huge Fan of Joanna Gaines. I adore what they have created.   As well the cute little city of Mitchell, Nebraska!

I believe in revival!  Once a sugar beet factory produced sugar and the downtown was filled with stores from clothing to lumber now the downtown of Mitchell, Nebraska looks sad and run down!  Why did I choose Mitchell, Nebraska to open our business?

  1.  Cheaper rent to grow slow & steady
  2.  Square footage to create a fun business experience
  3. Room to expansion future business development

As I look at the reasons why they were sound business decisions.  The market has changed a lot over the past 19 months.  We are still finding our place in a community that is special.  We were so hopeful that the US National Balloon Races would help us this past summer.  August was terrible not as bad a July but quite bad.

We saw sales drop as kids were out for summer and a negative business environment with festivals taking sales away from small downtown businesses like ours.  When you are building your brand it is tough.  Very tough!  However you learn from your mistakes.  we need to work with the folks who are promoting the festivals to entrust that they remember their downtown businesses.  Festivals are to help not hinder. Sometimes the downtown business sectors get over looked.  We can change this.

I adapted and work hard on our online social media.  to create a destination marketing experience it meant looking at what I needed to change- location looked terrible inside had no energy- my nephew is an artist and he and his amazing wife painted out and mural painted the entire interior.  The vision of what I wanted is forming.  We worked hard to add liquor license along with better flow of the store set up.  We continue to challenge the consumer to come back for an amazing day trip to the market or back for dinner at our Italian Restaurant Pesto

One step at a time and focusing on what we are doing does create brand!  I am so thankful for companies that support my business by doing business with us.  When we make a mistake we say sorry and we grow from our errors.  Small businesses help grow communities and they are the unsung hero’s who risk lively hood to open a plumbing shop,  a carpenter shop, a gift shop!  All these types of businesses help strengthen tax base to create new streets, parks and build old into new.

The Gaines saw something old and thought we can turn that into something new. They saw that they could do something to better their community.   I too believe in Mitchell, Nebraska like the Gaines believe in Waco TX

Come see us in Mitchell, Nebraska we are small but we are unique!  We do have the Oregon & Mormon Trails-  We offer great decor, great coffee and amazing friendship to offer!

Mindy Petersen – Marketplace & Company –