Looking Back

It has been tough couple of weeks at the Petersen household.  I have been fighting a virus that started out with a stomach ache and then turned into an upper lung infection.  I have coughed so hard that my abdominal’s hurt as well as my back.  I run a fever and the exhaustion has been over whelming.  My poor husband has been down with this crud as well.

As I write this I am aware of how fortunate I am to be able to have modern medicine and knowledge of things that will help me get better. My parents were born in the Great Depression of the 1930’s and a lot of our area never did over come the depression.  Modern roads came thru and everyone seemed to go shop in the large discount stores.

Closing a lot of the store fronts and small towns across Nebraska.

Growing up on the farm we ate a lot like my father would have in the Great Depression.

Potatoes and hot dogs or canned milk with beans and dumpling soup.  On Sundays once a month we would have fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  My dad always insisted that a raw egg be blended into the potatoes.  I just learned that this was a depression way to help fill you up.  I had never had BBQ food growing up.

I think of the Great Depression and what was happening in this country when Dad was being raised.   There was no money.  people would take there children to churches and leave them because they could not feed them.  Times were tough.  Crops were for most part harvested by hand.  People would actually steal food out of garbage cans or come into your yard to steal food out of gardens.  Men had no way of supporting their families.

  1. I don’t think Dad realized that he raised us with depression behavior.  I think it was a way of life that marked his life.  As I look at my life I see what 9/11 did to us.

It was our Depression that no one called Depression.  We saw every prescribed medication advertised to help us deal with what happened.  It truly crippled us like the crash of 29.  Everything that day changed!  Cost of fuel,  food and we did not feel safe.

We watched our money become worth a lot less.  I was more aware of what we were spending and what it cost.  Yesterday marked 18 years and yet I feel a bit depressed today when I think of what happened.  it forever changed me.