My Vision- My Hope

preview (3)Starting a new company is never easy.  Unless you can be in a great location have a great product and money to finance a venture it is a lot of work!   What I envisioned had to change as product line staffing and location had to be considered.  We decided to go into a small town for our location because we were looking to manufacture our granola and operate a coffee house.  Within 3 months another coffee house opened in the same town in a better location.  This would hurt the coffee side of the store.  I needed to evaluate what we had to change to grow the businesses.   I made mistakes in hiring the wrong people.  My daughter was supposed to be involved in the business and this was not happening.

Pop Up Dinner Events

We started to doing foods around the world.  Pop Ups in the Evening,  This seemed to be helpful to in growing dollars.  However these events were very expensive and once costs were taken out this really was not logical.

What had been successful was our Italian Night.  I had hired a manger to run the store.  She saw my vision but did not like where I was trying to go.  Good lady just was not the correct fit for my company.  I then went without a manager and hired a barista that was good at what he did but he could not stop talking about his personal business.  As an owner I had a vision of what I wanted and yet I could not find the key people to hire that could understand my vision.

Trying to do everything sometimes is the worst thing you can do.  In business you need to seek out others who understand your industry.  I am always open to learn research and seek out better ways to better my business plan.   This past year has been turbulent with a ton of changes coming at me all at once.  As I evaluate what I like and what I do not like it is clear.  Marketplace & Company is growing!  By adding Pesto our evening only Italian scratch kitchen we found our market!  People started hearing about this Italian Food Experience and we have been growing!

Our addition of Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts adds a lot to the environment as well as add on sales from the bakery.

We simplified things to include gourmet Italian pastas, sauces, oils and other amazing things from Italy to sell in the gift shop with simple recipe cards from me the chef of Pesto at Marketplace.  These amazing baskets allows our customer to ship a gift basket or box to a family or friend anywhere in the US or our team can deliver.  This has been a really smart concept.  Best simple things make the best food experience.

Coming soon our wine shop that will add even more to offer our consumer.  I love food and I love that I could re-evaluate what I needed to do to grow my brand.

I asked you to follow and see where the Good Life For Half grows too.  If you would like to send one of these amazing food boxes or baskets you will be able to once our website goes live later this year.  Until then you can call 308-424-1055 to order and ship