June 15th 1984

June 15th is more to each year!  As I think of this day it is not a day that we celebrate with a lot of hoopla, going out or even taking a trip.  It is a day of remembrance that something very small happened that turned into something really big!

I married my husband on June 15th.   We had really nothing.  I had some old dishes that had been in a box that I treasured from working for people as a youth in Torrington, Wyoming. Some old photos our bibles and old furniture, old pickup and an old car started our life!

Bryan has been the one constant gift from God.  Bryan is been my best friend.  Even when we have struggled with our love and allowed others as well as ourselves to fall away at times.  June 15th 1984 is a special day when two people became one.    Those vows to love and honor has held us together.  In 35 years we have seen our young bodies become old, our hair gray, our children grow, our grandchildren have grandchildren.

We have seen our parents pass!  Good times and bad we have gotten thru it all.  As we had coffee this morning we spoke of thanks to God!  We have been blessed to live in the same home we bought 34 years ago.  We are blessed to have raised 3 daughters in this home.  We have been blessed to have safety that God has provided.  We are blessed to be able to wake in a bed and not in a box.  We are blessed to have one another as others may not.  We are blessed to be able to help others in need and we are blessed because a life that God sewed together stayed together.

A tribute to my best friend!  I love you Bryan and I love my Lord who gave us a love that has stood strong.  I know we will see more trials and with God in the center of our lives we will stand as one!  Happy Anniversary Bryan!