A small child was in sunday school when he learned about accepting Jesus as his savior.  He was so happy!  The young Sunday School teacher  who led him to accepting Jesus as his Savior, told him to go to the Pastor and asked him to baptise him.  The young boy was eager to tell the Pastor about his decision.  He ran up to the Pastor and told him, “Pastor I need you to advertise me!”  How sweet a story!  He meant to say what the Sunday School teacher had told him to say, “Go tell the Pastor you need to be baptised!”

I like what the little boy said better!  I want the world to know I am a follower of Jesus!  What a great thing it is to be advertised as a follower of Jesus!  It means I have been changed.  It took me a long time to really understand my gift of salvation.  But to know that I was forgiven was profound for me!  We all sin and fall short because we are sinners.  Even after I accepted Jesus as my savior I still was living not in the light.  I allowed myself to be weak because I was not listening to services, attending services or reading the Bible.  I was getting attacked and giving up a lot on my new faith.  I am so thankful that I slowly started to understand that I needed to be with other people who believed in Jesus and to remove those who were stumbling blocks for my walk.

As a believer in Jesus I want to be more like Jesus!  I want people to see that I am different!  Because I want to be more than “MINDY”!  I hope this not so profound.  It is me not only believing but actually receiving new behaviors in how I conduct my life.  It means I work not to cause others to stumble but to be a hand up!

As a business leader I take pride in my staff and want them to see Jesus in me!  I care to give more time to those who need a person to talk too.  I counsel without giving the answer and allow the person to come to their own understanding.  I hold myself to a higher place of accountability.  In James 1:16 Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers

Sin is in our nature so we must work harder to be more like Jesus.  I am proud of the life I have been given thru Jesus and I too want to be advertised.