Giving Up Or Getting up! Setting goals!

Choices!  choices!  Giving up or getting up!  Everyday you make decisions from what time you get up to what time you go to bed!

When we get hurt by a life experience,  it easy to give up on others.  Our careers, life success, or ourselves!  Self doubt can hit you like a train.  The decision to be stronger than your circumstances is not easy!

Sometimes getting up is harder than the desire to try again!  Defeat over and over creates different outcome if we resolve to be tested.  To be more and have more, you will be tested!  So when things get tough you have to be willing to stay your course.

Giving up can be easier when you are looking at huge issue.  $ 5,000.00 dollars in the bank when you have only $ 150 in the bank!  So look at it as $ 4850 to go!  It is all in how we look at a problem.  How do we get more out of what already have?   What could you do to put toward your goal by stopping certain services? reallocation

Stopping eating out once a week with the girls savings $ 50.00  Having dinner at home instead where we each cook part of the dinner.  Annual saving $ 2,400

Stopping Auto ships of vitamins $ 59.00 a month savings $ 704.00 a year

Staying home three weekends a month weekly savings $ 75 monthly savings 225.00.  Annual savings 2,700.00  So this I can’t do it is not real!

By making these simple changes the $ 5,000 dollar goal can be attained with 954 over the goal.

Satin is a liar and he will control areas of our lives if we allow him.  Our goals have to attainable and prayed about.  Seek God in all matters!  Do not allow yourself to be deceived out of your own dreams.  Look at your goal and break it down so you can have many accomplishments to the goal.  Set dates to attain specific goals.

The goal above with savings $ 5,000 could be broken down in 4 month 8 month 12 month check in’s to make sure you are on track.

The Bible reminds us to take all matters to God and to trust in him to provide his direction.  I am telling you, every time I do this God graces me.  When I try to do it on my own I stink!  I become defeated!  So let your goals be in line with what God has planned for you!