This little piggy is going to be an aggressive little pig!  As I look at all the changes it takes to take control of our funds.  So January did not end well.  Actually we ended up having to take 500.00 out of savings.  had an additional cost of new eye glasses that took 428.00 for a total overage of 928.00 that had to spent.

Not so good for the first month!  Savings account ended 1400 for the month

A few facts about February  It is a shorter month!  I also is the best month to stock up on canned goods.  I however have another plan.  We will have to see how it goes.

Cooking from the pantry 2 weeks out of the month

I have seen several different approaches to this.  So the purpose is to use what you have.  You start the month with a goal to buy fresh vegetables & basic dairy.  I do not like the idea of trying to cut all funds for groceries out.  This approach of creating a menu based off of what we have will save roughly $ 400.00


When we are not working we are not spending!  The cars are parked for the weekend and nothing is bought.  An average weekend cost 150 saving 600.00

Total proposed savings 1,000

Would love to get some ideas from my readers!