Recently I observed a woman explaining to a man over the phone why she was evicting him.  She showed such kindness as she explained the following.

“Kyle your neighbors have observed several late night visitors to your home along with other signs that are concerning of illegal activity!”  “It has been shared that your sister told the neighbors to watch your home while you were in jail.”  He continued to try to get the lady to let him stay!  She stayed her ground explaining once again,  “Kyle you’re not just a good fit!”

As she stood strong on her decision to evict the tenant, it was apparent that Kyle had heard this before!  He was polite to the woman even as she described to him over the phone how his dog had scarred the neighbor lady, ran a muck leaving his fecal matter all over the other neighbor’s yards.  He had to send the dog to his mother’s home while he had been  He then explained to her that he is laid off and he would like to stay until he got his tax return.

He continued to try to get the lady to give him a second chance!  None of what is being said to him seemed to keep him from begging to get his way!  It reminded of the reality of terminating ones employment.  I had recently had a “Kyle” I had to let go and I had told him that he was not a good fit!”

We all meet the wrong fit folks and at times we can be the wrong fit!  However life choices can be like the conversation with Kyle!  Yet God can turn anyone around from being the wrong fit to being the perfect fit!

God knows our hearts and when we seek him he can turn dirt into so much more.