I woke this morning to my husbands alarm going off!  Bryan is the man who gets up when his alarm goes off!  I love this about him!  He starts his morning by being greeted by our little dogs Buster & Max!  Both of these little dogs love Bryan unconditionally.  They will battle over who gets to be petted.  He puts them out and when they come back in they are ready for their breakfast.  Bryan has his cup of coffee they eat and then play with their toys.  Bryan is truly blessed by these little dogs.

Two years ago one of our little dogs past away breaking all our hearts.  Capone a miniature Yorkie!  Max & Capone came into our lives accidentally.  My sister in law had both her dogs pass away day between one another while she was out of town.  Her son Cody had to break the news to Lorie.  It was at a terrible time in our lives.  My husband Aunt Virginia had passed away in Idaho.  Lorie took Ann to Idaho for the funeral.

Ann and Virginia had been best friends all of their lives.  So for her to be dealing with the loss of her Aunt and her pets broke my heart.  So I decided to buy her a little dog to help her cope.  Problem is that the dog our daughters fell in love with. Max! Our daughters begged us to keep this little dog.  So I decided to allow they to keep the little dog.  Mean while I contact the people we had got Max from and ordered another little dog.  they delivered the dog and our little dog Max had been out doors on his leash doing his duty when he was taken by a little girl.  Our daughters looked all over town.  Our daughter Kelsey was so sad that when the new dog was delivered she begged us to keep him.

Reluctantly we said yes!  Capone became part of our family!  Back to the dog sellers to buy a dog for Aunt Loire.  The cost of giving one dog!  Oh Max who was taken by the little girl was found two weeks later and retrieved by our daughter Haylie from the neighbors who had him!

Max and Capone became part of our family!  In January of 2016 Capone got sick and he died in my brothers arms.  this little dog was so loving.  Ann my mother in law loved when she came and he would just love on her.  Capone would lay in Ann’s lap and he was so happy.  When Ann learned of Capone’s death she was so sad.

Ann joined Capone in Heaven less than a month later on February 9, 2016.  I am sure that Capone is with her in Heaven.

Life is better with pets-