Well another day of reflection and thanks!  Thanks to those who love me, remember me and embrace me even when I might not always embrace them!  We get so caught up with doing our own things that we miss people around us.  Today I was at a doctors appointment.  Just focusing on the task at hand when a woman I have known for most of my life approached and said “Mindy?” “How are you?” Stopping herself to question herself I think a bit.  I had been there and had not even noticed her.  The man who took care of me I knew too!  Both of these folks recognized me and yet I failed to even notice them!

We get so caught up that we fail to see what is around us.  I was glad that my blood pressure was good and that I got a good report.  I had been a bit put out by this day and the cost of going!  I got home this evening and it dawned on me how we all change.

God places people where we need one another.  I really believe this.  I have been looking at what is my calling or gifts that God needs me to use for him.  I know that he has given me the gift of employing people and helping those out of work gain employment. I know that God has given me the gift of assurance to those who might not see their talents!  I know the Lord has given the gift or words.  I have always been able to bring people together thru words and get people to understand what is needed to solve issues.

I am an encourager of others.  My Spiritual gift is to serve God’s people as written in Corinthians 12:7  ” A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.

Even when you think no one will know you,  God apears with a person to encourage.  Today I was blessed by two of God’s gifts that happend to find me in a doctors office!  Both of these folks left me feeling so much better because they used their God given gifts and bestowed them on me!

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