Recently I have started watching the Gilmore Girls.  I normally do not get into a sitcoms but I have been hooked on  Lorelei  and Rory from the first episode it is obvious of the love the characters have for one another.  How they  support one another’s dreams.

As the story is written Lorelei gets pregnant and leaves home to have the child.  the story starts with Rory 16 wanting to attend this prestigious school so she can get the education so she can get into Harvard to become a journalist.  Lorelei is working as a Hotel Manager.  The story then adds the wealthy parents of Lorelai  who have never known their grand child.  Lorelai cannot afford the tuition for the prestigious school so she is left with having to go to her parents.  The grandfather has no intentions of withholding this opportunity from the grand-daughter.  However the grandmother decides that the debt should have stipulations of every Friday Night dinner and all holidays and birthdays.  Reluctantly she agrees to the terms.

As the story unfolds the characters grab your heart.  I would love to live in a community with people who care about their town, care about tourism and everyone shows up to the town hall meetings. Everyone comes to your daughters birthday parties!  Everyone cares about one another.

It is funny how I tend to be a late to the actual airing of sitcoms.

This sitcom along with the Golden Girls were canceled way be before I ever was a fan!  Later in life,  I found both!   I have been a fan ever since.  We value things, experiences, books and even television series when they find us.  they become a part of our life experience.

We want to get to know how the next chapter goes in the character’s lives!  We plan to watch and cheer them on.  Just as we cheer them on we are making a decision to be present and watch their stories play out!  What if we were to value our on stories?

Planning time in reading the Bible or spending time daily in prayer and meditation.  I love the Gilmore Girl’s!  I love entertaining myself!   Satin loves when we have no time to grow in our relationship with God!  Be careful of what takes your time because it can be detrimental to your relationship with God.  All things in moderation is good advice.

Turn off your favorite series on television, Put down the cell phone,  Go to your inner place and read your Bible and spend time in prayer.  Pray and be thankful.  Life is what we make it.  We only get so many moments.  So we have to use our time as we see fit.  I had to recognize that I was letting television keep me from worship.

Life is tough. Entertainment is a way of letting go from our realities.  I still enjoy all the television series.   I just want to entrust that I am spending time in God’s word, spending time in prayer for those I love with a heart of thanks while seeking God in all matters.

“A time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father and the Spirit in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers that the Father seeks.  God is spirit and his worshipers must worship in the spirit and in the truth.”  John 4:23-24

Wishing you all the entertainment in moderation and quality time in God’s word!