Check & Balance

As I look at all the strengths that the Lord has provided me,  I still struggle with using my resources correctly.  It is never fun to admit that you are not good at something.   I am not good at managing my personal money.  As I look at this I think is easy to just pay the bills that come and not really think of debt you are acruing when you make a good living.  I have always brought home a good wage and pushed my self to earn a three figure income.  I made that miles stone and the career I choose about cost me my life!

The Bible speaks of good stewardship of what God provides.  I have not mastered this nor have I mastered stippening.  Two goals for 2018.  On half of what I was earning in 2017.  I am starting the journey of living a good life for half  in 2018. Originally this is where the name GOOD LIFE FOR HALF came from for this blog.  Then I discovered that I had a lot to say about what makes a good life.  Getting my priorities straight.

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Job

I was all about the job without realizing setting career goals might have given me a three figure life but stole anytime for God or Family.  I was working 14 hour days and sometime even longer than that.  Waking up in hotels with no family.  Dealing with a hostile boss who would call me at all hours of the night.  My stress level was so high I had to put on blood pressure medicine and anti depression medicine.  My family enjoyed the fruits of my labor but I was not a wife, nor a mother.  Thank goodness my Father removed me from this.  I took a sabbatical to re-evaluate what I needed for me.

I started to feel better with Jesus as my focus and truly going to him for all my needs meant letting go and letting God work out my life.  As always God did not forsake me.

God provides for all our needs.  I still earn a great living and I am thankful for God’s bounty.  Now it is time to get control of our financial house with what God provides.

I cannot breath without God.  I am not my own!  As a Christian I am his and I have to trust God with all he has planned for me.  He will work things out and help me see what he has planned for me!   Fear is Satin manipulating me to try to take control.  overtime I loose.  I asked and wait on God to direct my words and to direct how I serve.

Now it is time to get serious about my personal finances.  I will be 53 this month and I am not pleased to say that I will probably be working God willing till I am 70 years old.

However I could change this if I get control now.

I set down and went thru my checking account and found services that we do not need and called and canceled all of those.  I looked at the cell phone bill and brought that down by $ 88 dollars less a month by making our married daughter off our plan.

It is tough to do things different when you have done things the same way.  I also set down and invested in my 401K at work putting 10% with retirement 2030 as the goal.

Eating at home and taking food to work with me will cut the cost of the cafe!  Huge goals are set but the only way to make them is to keep my heart in line with what God wants for me.  He will direct our success.

Only My Life in you empowers you to face life’s problems with good cheer.!” PSALM 42:5

I am reminded that I belong to the Lord and when I let him guide me,  the direction is more enjoyable.  Follow my journey to really feeling the good life for half!





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