Life can be so hard when those we love, stop loving us!  I recently hired a new team member who is just so torn up.  He is not with his family and he is afraid.  Alcohol and anger have been part of the hurt and disappointment.

He is trying to find a place where he belongs without his wife and his children.  He is very impatient about what life has to hold for him.  So we had a conversation about what life could hold for him and his family if he keeps his focus on getting well.  Alcohol is a major part of his failings.  He is having to attend classes for his anger and alcohol.   Both things have been part of his denial for his conduct.

Ownership is a tough thing to own when it belongs to us.   I encouraged him to not get in his own way!  It does not matter our sins, we must let go!   Seek God to help!   Then we need to wait on God to work things out.  If we are sincere this is what happens.

God has a plan to prosper us, but we need to humble our hearts and commit to real change.  If I could sign a contract never to sin again,  I am sure I would sign it gladly.  However,  “God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son.  So no one should perish but have ever lasting Life.”  John 3:15 He wanted to give us a bridge to cross by accepting his son we could have a life restored.  Jesus created that cross!

I am a sinner!  My sin is just as bad as anyone elses.  I work hard to trust in others.  forgive those that persecute me and let go and let God run my life.  I am a poor life manager but with Jesus as my savior and the grace I do NOT deserve I go forth to be a better person because he is one with me.

Never give up!  God up!  I have total faith in him and I know he is always consistant and never changing.  Because it is finished!  Amen-