As I think  of winter I get excited about Spring.  8 days into January,  tomorrow will be 55 degrees!  How exciting it that the snow could actually melt making the side streets and small town roads could be easier to drive down.  Today I had to take an employee home and it was good I drive an Explorer because I would have not gotten down his road!  I wish I could I be the outdoorsman who likes to hike in snow,  have picnics in the snow and bon fires in the snow.  However I am not that type of person.  I wish I was.

Snow mobiles, sleds and skiing have never been part of who I am.  Winter brings home-made bread,  huge pots of soup made from scratch.  chocolate chip cookies and huge cups of hot coffee.  Watching Netflix and staying in!  Batches of granola baking with vanilla yogurt parfait.   I wish I was a lover of Winter.  I guess I am from a far.

Winter brings the geese from Canada and they are so pretty.  A herd of deer along the North Platte are pretty.  Baking Apple Pies with homemade caramel sauce with homemade vanilla ice cream makes winter better.  The smell of the wood stove in the morning as the day is just starting is comforting.  Sometimes we must be reminded that there is good in things that we might not always see as good.

Winter has always been a season that I have not always appreciated as I should.  The Bible speaks of seasons well sometimes we need seasons to slow us down.  Help us look inwardly and to put things in order.  Winter helps me wait for Spring and it also helps me to learn to be patient.  God needs us to be patient.  To wait upon him and to settle down a bit to understand his love for us his children.  Winter is cold and feels long at times and yet it really is not!  Before we know it Spring will bring promise of flowers, trees blooming, and baby animals in the pastures and meadows.

So I have decided to appreciate this season and be glad in it.  “Remember, our Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved.”  2 Peter 3:9