2018 FOUR SET- GO!

No surprise that I would be writing today the 6th day of January on setting goals.  Goals give us an objective to work toward.  It can be a destination, an event, a work project and home project, self betterment goal, a hobby!  Whatever the goal it is all about actual leaving yourself better!

Leaving myself better!  Now that is what we should all want!   So with this statement it is important that I care enough about today and the future to set goals!

Setting my personal goals make me proud of what I do for me.  I appreciate the accomplishments and look forward to meeting each goal I set.

Setting goals for work also is important because it makes me proud to better serve the company that feeds my family because they choose me to be part of their success.

Success is what I get when I set goals and meet them.  2017 I met some personal goals that included this blog.  I wanted to write and share about my life in hopes to serve others as well as helping me see the value of reflecting with a heart of thanks.

2017 I found myself setting personal fun goals.  Starting my goodlifeforhalf.com our new granola company and focusing on time with family.  What ever you make a priority you will then focus.  Now some people will write a ton goals.  I establish no more than four goals.

New Goals    # 1 Continue to write and post on my blog while learning how to gain followers.  I would love ideas from all my current followers how to do that!

# 2   Will meet my healthy weight goal while cutting sugar from my diet.

# 3   Will work to increase customer sales with our Granola Company

# 4   Will reduce personal debt and start focusing on saving by getting rid of stuff I do not need!  Will use the funds to reduce debt.   Will live within our budget of $ 1,040 a week!  Any frugal healthy recipes or tips on how to sell stuff would be helpful from my followers.

Setting goals assist us in being better!  Bottom line when I set goals I pray over each of them I make sure that they are part of my every day life so I stay focused.  I then focus on what I have set in place to accomplish the goals so I will have personal success for myself and for my family.

The Bible reminds us for success  in Proverbs 2:1 “My child only when you tressure my wisdom will you acquire it.  And only if you accept my advice and hide it within will you succeed.”

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