Remembering Elizabeth Ann

It is Christmas Eve,  A very special time!  My heart is happy as I think of Jesus this morning is with my Mother in law Ann Petersen in heaven.  Elizabeth Ann know to all of us as Mom or Ann!  She never went by Elizabeth.  I never knew why not.  What a pretty name.

Ann was a good woman who had a great life with a man who loved her with all his heart all the days of his life.  Homer and Ann made Christmas special for their family.

This is our second Christmas without Ann.  It seems just like yesterday she was here.  She loved her daughter Lorie so much.  Ann loved doing things with Lorie.  When Lorie married and grandchildren were born Ann & Homer spent most of their time with Lorie’s family.   They attended the same church and for most of Lorie’s children’s life dinner was spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s Petersen’s home in Mitchell.  Lorie’s daughter Ashley was the favorite grand daughter of Ann’s.  Ashley brought into Ann’s life her Brooky!   Broklyne her great grand!  Oh Ann loved this  little girl.

Ann never went anywhere without coming back with gifts for Lorie, Ashley and Brooklyn.  They were her buddies.  When Ann passed Lorie was right there cheering her on to let go and ascend to heaven with Jusus!  At Ann’s funeral Lorie spoke of the beauty of the last moments with Ann as she left this earth as beautiful.  She was with Jesus.

I am thankful that we all got to love Ann and we will  miss her at our dinner table on Christmas day.  We loved her and it was my honor to have her as my Mother in Law.

The love she had for Christmas was special as the pies she baked for Christmas.

I will always be thankful for Ann & Homer Petersen as they gave our family love as they showed us what love looked like!