b81ca0b013d12a46290d3a5961848954Our first Winter storm is  blowing across the Panhandle.   Today was the first day of Winter and we are now getting the first real snow!   It is quite flat with not a lot of trees to break the wind.  I always just want to cuddle up with a good book & a big cup of coffee.   It as if I am trying to escape the entire event out doors.

I think we all need a place to escape!    To be with our thoughts and things that bring joy to oneself.   I escape to my Master Bedroom where I have things surrounding me that I value.  Pictures of my family.  My books, my bible and things my husband has made. I  Look around the room I am comforted as I lay in our Sleigh bed looking at all the hand-made flutes my husband has made.  the shelves he has hung that holds the mementos of our lives together.

I am comforted by this place!  When the wind blows even the smell of our home is comforting.  It is a place that is my refuge.  It is a place where I know I am loved.  It is a place that is full of hope, faith and grace!  Where I can just be me.  No one looking to put me down!  No one to judge me!  This special room wraps me with warmth of my life with my family.  So many amazing memories wrapped in the space.

As I awake in this special place, It is the place I spend time with my Jesus.  I thank the Lord for my blessings and spend time in fellowship and end my day in fellowship.  It is my room where I held each of my children.  Have loved grandchildren and held the hand of my amazing husband.  Where he tells me he loves me and “God bless you to one another.”  Where ever I am in life this place is my space that my husband built for us.  This refuge I am thankful for because it is a place of peace.

“Blessed are all who take refuge in me”  PSALM 2:12 NIV reminds of God’s presence and never-ending love.  I am thankful for our first day of Winter and all the beauty this too shall bring.

Wishing you a place of refuge in all-weather and all storms.