Oh how sin creates such sorrow.  This past has been filled with so much sorrow.  Loss of loved ones, living and gone.  The living lost hurts the most!  Hurt relationships or worst lost relationships.

This sorrow does have hope thru God’s restoration.  God heals our brokeness.  Getting thru the brokeness sometimes is the hardest.  We need to celebrate our victories and those we love.  To be strong and not give up when Satin is spinning his lies.  When I look at the sorrow that has been spun in my life, out of not giving God my life!   I am ashamed!   God is my father whom will chasten my life and behavior because I need to be held accountable out of love.  Satin will whisper lies and get me to question my decisions.

This year I have seen many people who I know God removed. These people did not truly care about me.  They used me to get where they are.  Now I want my readers to know I am thankful that God placed me in these folks lives.  His reasoning for me to serve others is never a concern of mine.  I allow God to work thru me to serve others.  I trust God to help others.  I just really have never trusted my God to take care of all of me.

As I drove to work this morning, I was listening to Pastor Adrian Rogers talking about how we are called to give 1 tenth of our earning to the Lord.  We are do this because God provides everything for us.  My sorrow is over my sin of not giving to the Lord!  As Pastor spoke of the following passage.  I cried as I drove to work.  Primarily because I have sinned when it comes to giving to God and to being a good steward of what God has provided.  I prayed and cried out my heart to the Lord as I realized how I have not understood what I am to do in regards to what God has asked me to do.

Ten percent of my wage to God seems hard to reach when things are tough.  However I am reminded what Jesus did for me.  He did not hold back he took that cross for me.  A sinner!  God knows my heart and I will get there where I can commit to God what he is worthy of.  I tend to be very generous to those in need and people whom God has appointed me as a leader.  We are to confess with our mouth our sin.  I shared my sin with God and asked him to forgive me.  In doing this I also seek ways to serve the Lord.  This Blog is one way I can give.  I can be a testament of what God has done for me.  I can also humble myself to those who read my blog and know that I am a work in progress!

Thank you Jesus for being my savior and for allowing me the words to help others who may be struggling with their own sorrow.  God I know I can do better and ask you to help me do better.  In Jesus name AMEN-


“Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase; So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.” Proverbs 3:9-10