196d54d7eb255d7ab46313a3dd72eb56As I started my day I was reminded that we have a profound effect on others!  It can be the smell of a perfume, the way a person wears their hair.  A bad memory or a good one!

We affect one another everyday!  Reactions often come out of these places in our mind that are re awakened.  Sometimes these memories are not good and we do not want to revisit them.

Our ability to over come can be pushed to limits one cannot imagine!  We live in a world who will exploit our hurts at times in the quest to tell a story.  Recently in the news we have seen people who took horrific actions to make their points.

We have seen woman picketing and pointing out in public,  their abusers!  Our own former President of United States George W. Bush Senior has come out apologizing for behavior not becoming any man.  At first these women kept there secrets.  Maybe the action of one brave woman helped others confront the wrong doings of these men.

I believe that people choose not to speak of things that stripped them of dignity.   We all try to forget.  At times the victim cannot get over the incident.    The action another takes against them,  can stop their personal development!    It can actually impair the victim from being able to go forward!

Betty White played a character name Rose in the sitcom The Golden Girls.  The four come home to find their house had been robbed.  Rose was so distraught that she cannot function.  She even goes and buys a gun.  As the character Blanch and her date come thru the door,  Rose shoots missing them and hitting the Chinese Vase.  This portrayal lead to Rose needing to go to therapy and to learn to cope.

This show did such a good job of depicting what happens when your rights are violated.  Time has a way of healing horrible moments.  However these moments leave us different.  I am reminded that we should be able to forgive those who have caused us hurt thru their actions.   We are reminded that God heals our hurt.  We can feel like we cannot trust and even fall away as we are dealing with our pain.

In PSALM 147:3 NIV tells He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. When tough times come into our lives we need God more than ever.  Give yourself to mourn the wrong.  Never forget that you are stronger than you realize.