My Dads Christmas cookie

My dad was very traditional and every Christmas he would make this graham cracker log cookie.  I miss this cookie.  It was a refrigerator cookie that he would make.  Something that his mother made.  The cookie was the sign of Christmas in our home.  Along with the Juniper tree that he would go to the Mountains to bring home.  I still don’t understand Dad’s love of that particular Christmas tree!  Eggnog!

How I miss my Dad and those cookies.  I am so thankful for the memories of those special times with my Dad.  My twin sister has the recipe and makes these cookies.   I too have cookie traditions with my daughters.  I make sugar cookies with my daughters and decorate along with candy that we then give to our neighbors.  When I was young we did not take pictures.  I only have the memories of Dad in the kitchen making these cookies.

However we take pictures of our cookie day.  A part of our tradition that is important to our Christmas heritage. 930ad4eceb72cfcb887f54724334dc53


4 thoughts on “My Dads Christmas cookie

  1. Hi…I would love the recipe for the cookie roll. Mary Clasby 1300 2ND ST NW Austin MN 55912. Love you.

    1. 30 graham cracker sqs. (rolled fine, about 1 well rounded c.)
      4 c. sm. marshmallows
      1 c. nuts, chopped fine pecans
      1 c. dates, cut in sm. pieces
      1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk

      Dad would combine all the dry ingridients and then add the eagle brand milk. reserve enough crumbs to roll your logs in and then refrigerate. Great with a cup of tea or coffee

      1. Merry Christmas Mary! I was at Cindy’s home in Cheyenne and Cindy had a batch of Dad’s cookies for our Christmas family party! It was just great! God Bless and here is wishing you a the best this Christmas.

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