cdf2872ee0374b6d827cb993df7ebf61Life goes fast!  Really Fast!  It seems just like yesterday I was a little girl dreaming of Christmas morning with my twin sister.  We lay in bed and dream of what Santa was going to bring us!  Oh and the excitement of Christmas morning was the best!  We would all wake Mom and Dad up and we would all head to the Christrmas tree.  Filled with pure excitement for what was under that tree!  Time goes fast and I am reflecting on the fact that God has graced me with 52 Christmas’s.

As a mother I have worked hard to give our children memories of Christmas mornings and of course family herritage.  Our family values and this time is sacred to our family.

I was born in the month of January of 1965 to Clell Earl Cress and Jeanette Ann Noland Cress.  I was born in a snow storm!  My father was not at my birth because he was snowed in on the ranch that we was employed by.  On that day I was born along with my twin sister Cindy Iren.  Our father had planned on naming us Twila and Illa!  Thank YOU Jesus for keeping that from happening!   I am sure I would have been Illa!  Our oldest sisters Glenda and Brenda gave us our names.  Being four and five years old. They came up with Cindy’s name first. Naming her after the neigbor girl and then they came up with Mindy.   I will always be forever thankful for my name not being Illa!

Fifty Two Years Christmas’s of fun joy and hope!  Jesus has been so gracious to me.  I remind myself daily to be thankful for all the little things that his grace has provided to a sinner like me.  I came to know Jesus when I was 18 years old.  As I look back to that time, I know that God I needed.  Now at 52 I am so glad that I am saved and that the best is yet to come.

Our Christmas’s have always been a family matter with activities that include us doing fun things together.  Sledding down the hill by Orrs Conoco with our girls.  Christmas Concerts,  christmas cookies & candies, adopting a family for the holidays,  Christmas eve used to be spent at my husbands family unwrapping christmas gifts.  The girls always knew this was kick off to Christmas morning at our home.  Decorating of the house and of course Buddy reapears popping up here and there our traditional Christmas Elf!

Planning the Christmas Menu has always been important to our children.  In the past few years,  our girls really have contributed.   They love this part of the Christmas experience.  Last year we added a new tradition of doing Christmas in Cheyenne with my twin sister and her daughter’s family.  We all look forward to this time of playing with my nieces little boys!  This year we will start our new Christmas Eve tradition at our homw with our girls.

My memories of Chtristmas are really more about the joy of watching my brother Scotty on christmas morning and the girls open there gifts.  Now this year Jesus has enlarged our home with the birth of our grandson Jayson Carter.  With this new addition comes a new generation to watch love the magic of Jesus’s birthday celebration.

Children are the heritage from the Lord, offspring are a reward from him.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in ones youth.  Blessed is the man whose quiver if full of them.  PSALM 127-3-5 NIV

So as I look over some of my past fifty two Christmas’s I know that I am thankful for each memory and look forward to all the memories with our families.  Most important is all the children that God has blessed our lives with.



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