As I set down to write I am pleased!  The house smells of cleanliness!  Every inch dusted.  Every floor scrubbed.  Every rug shaken and washed and put back in its place to meet another week of hustle and bustle of work!  When I was young I could clean the house in a whirl wind.  the house takes me longer to complete these days.  The satisfaction of how great I feel when everything is in its place is so worth the work.

My family knows that when Mom is cleaning it is a good idea to leave!  I appreciate them doing this.  It leaves me with my thoughts and time to reinvent our home into a new space that welcomes each of us as a place of refuge.  I am that person who really loves order. When everything is in it place I am content.  I can think clearly.  It as if I have rid the house of all the negative and replaced it with all the positive.  I think it has a lot to with respecting what has been provided to me.

As I look around this room I see art created by myself, my daughter and my husband.  I love the huge wing back chair that adorns my office.  When I need a place to read.  It’s the chair I want to sit in.  The desk I write in. with my tufted leather chair welcomes me like an old friend.  Thru the door I can see my kitchen which really is my favorite space.  It is where my family gather as a family.  I am reminded how fortunate to live in the home.  Part of the order I love,  I want my children to want as well.  I guess time will tell if they will want order as well in their personal lives.  I reminded that God’s promise found in Samual 7:11 ” I’m going to give you peace from all your enemies.”  This is my home a place of refuge and order.   Here is wishing you order-9d397e3ae103dbe1c3eaeee75105cdbe.jpg