Today was a day well spent.  I woke to my dear husband bringing me a cup of coffee in bed.  I enjoyed the morning deep cleaning my closet.  Some of you might think this is not exactly fun!  You would be correct!  I detest cleaning closets, cupboards etc.  However it is almost winter and the summer wardrobe needs to takes its place in the back of the closet.  I have been putting this job off because I really hate the narrow space and it means moving everything out and then bringing it back into the space.  I think there is a lot of things like closets we put off.  The time to set down and write a note to a loved one who we have become distant too.  Time with your children.  Where you spend time listening to them.

Mid morning, I became hungry and sought out the refrigerator to find NO eggs.  So I decided to wake the daughter and ask her if she would like to accompany me to a date to town to find some nourishment.  She was in!  Of course this took almost 2 hours because she has to be model beautiful to go anywhere.  After lunch we visited some cute shops down town. When I got home I went back to the closet organization.  3 bags of garbage and 1 huge bag to items for Goodwill!  The closet project always reminds to be thankful for what God has provided me. I revisit old pictures, old memento’s and get re- acquainted to my winter apparel.

When the closet is done it just makes me pleased.  I know that when I am getting ready in the morning it will save me time.  All my current winter wardrobe is easily accessible and I fill restored.  Some people can manage in chaos and disorder.  I tend to do better when things are orderly.

A day well spent ended with a evening well spent in relaxation.  Order is a good thing.