Love Of Country

My son in law is young and feels persecuted in our great country!  I was doing research on my family tree.  My grandfather’s family came to the United States in 1887 landing in Pennsylvania from Germany.  They came to this Country with the belief of hope for a better life.  Henry Kress was his name.  He did just this!  Our Country is built on those just like my grandfather who believed in the dream.

My father was born in the great depression.   As I thought of how out of touch we are  today!   My father was born into a world where their was no food stamps, no government assistance to families.  People had to rely on themselves and the love of their families and neighbors and local charitable acts of kindness. Thru the great depression grew reliance toward State and Union establishing programs to help people in crisis.  Prior to this, neighbors took care of one another.  People supported their churches and communities they lived in.  They came together to serve one another.

Growing up in a small rural community I remember coming home to neighbors leaving groceries on the porch at Christmas.  Family members sending cheese baskets. cookie platters being dropped off.  People helped people.  I was raised to be resilient and to believe that I could accomplish much if I tried.

Back in the time of my father’s life, people who lost everything would live in boarding houses. People to save their own homes were forced to take in tenants.  Grand homes became 1 room apartments for people.  Parents had were forced to send children to orphanages to entrust their children were safe and would be fed.

Exodus 14:14 states The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  When I think of what God has done for my family of generations!  I am reminded that no mater what when we stand together we can accomplish much.  Isaiah 41:13 states  For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

I am humbled at God’s love of my family and what he has seen so many of us thru and what he does everyday to walk with me hand in hand!  Life is a struggle and at times it is easy to give up.  God’s word says “GET UP!”  “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”   Be thankful and brave!

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By the spring of 1933, working class and rural Americans were tightly in the grip of the Great Depression. Forty percent of the nation’s banks failed between 1929 and 1933, and almost 4-million manufacturing jobs were lost as consumption and production became locked in a downward spiral. The first “New Deal” created by President Franklin Roosevelt and his cabinet was aimed at providing relief and recovery to those hit hardest by the depressed economy. A farmer wrote in her diary in 1933 about the impact of the “New Deal” in rural areas: “Well, the national farm strike … set for May 13 has been postponed, for which we are all thankful. They came to that decision after Roosevelt signed the farm bill, which makes it possible for the loan companies to refinance mortgages. … Well, it gives us more courage to go on. We had about given up ever trying to keep up anymore.”