To Be Greatful!


I am reminded daily to be encouraged and to be thankful!  Now with this said, do I always show the appreciation that I should?  GOOD LIFE FOR HALF was out of my need to work thru my failings!  No one wants to admit failings.  My thanks today comes from those moments in my life where I failed God, failed family, failed me!

Out of these now learned lessons that i am most thankful for half the pain of these moments that have brought me to a place of reflection.  On my desk I have a plaque that I display to keep my eyes focused on,  “In everything give thanks!” 1st Thessalonions 5:18

Psalm 9:1 Give Thanks to you Lord with all my heart!  When I was a small child and I was naughty my Dad would punish me by sending me to my room to think of what I did.  We then would talk after Dad had calmed down about what I had done.  Now as I look back this was the begining of bad choices that would result in failure!  Failure to please my Dad because I made a bad choice.

Fail moments really leave there mark!  Like Dad sending me to my room he was trying to correct that wrong behaviors.  When we fail it allows us to learn if we are not being stubrun and not willing to own our failings.  The best thing happened when I learned thru my relationship that I found with Jesus.  On that fateful evening back in October 1983 I learned about God’s love and how he would correct me thru out my life.

As I await the 20 pound turkey to come out of the over that I will be serving to team members not my family this Thanksgiving 2017 I am reminded to thankful for my life failings and of course all my successes that God has bestowed upon my life.

I choose Thanksgiving each day because I am truly humbled by the lessons and blessings that God has provided for me!  A humble dumb failure of a woman he has turned into a woman of love, faith and hope!

Thank YOU Heavenly Father for truly being a father of correction along with helping me everyday be closer to you!