Working Thru It

Sometimes we need to realize that we are working thru it!  It can be working thru not understanding our childrens choices,  It can be our life priorities.  We all working thru something.  This year has been a year of working thru things.

Our year started with the news of a grandson.  At 51 I was not really pleased that my daughter decided that she and her then boyfreind was going to be parents!  My life plan for her had her finishing her degree in Nursing.  Well I had to work thru this to realize that it is her road!  Tough conversation with God!  No anger just concerns!  God said let it go Mindy!  So with love I wrote my daughter a special letter.  I worked thru it!

April came and I my contract was over and I had to accept this. No wage coming I had to rely on God to open doors.  I to trust in God!   I was working thru this.   God did not foresake me.  He opened me up to new oporunities.   I worked thru this with his love and acceptance.

May came and our daughter announced she was getting married tommorow- It was not what I saw coming.  I was thinking our daughter would have waited, graduated college, fallen in love and then we would be planning this huge beautiful event.  I had to work thru this to stand with her in a court house as she gave her hand in marriage.

We started our Granola company and this was challenging but with God’s help we got things going.  However it is still slowly progressing We are working thru this-

Cancer again we are dealing with the unknowns of my best friends, my husband’s diagnosis.  He has surgery again.  We are working thru this.   Life is full of things we must work thru-  Best part of working thru things is God’s presence to not foresake us in our time of need.

No matter what Gods grace has been here thru everything!  2 corinthians 12:9 says “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.  I am weak but my God is strong.   Gods GRACE is how I am working thru what ever comes our way.

I am not afraid, I know that we will be working thru this with God always!  “You keep all your promises. You are the Creator of Heaven’s glory.  Earth grandaur, and ocean’s greatness PSALM 146:6

What ever life throws at me,   I am working thru it with thanks and faith- Would love to here what you are working thru! 2681422d4cccab40b96d23477e51f736





2 thoughts on “Working Thru It

  1. Working thru it is a good description of going through the unwanted and unplanned events in our lives. My wife’s cancer was one of those which she helped me and our kids work thru it. It’s still too soon after her passing for me to fully realize and accept the blessing she and God gave us through her strength and faith while living with cancer but I recognize enough at this moment to be truly thankful. Thankful that she was the living, caring, strong person she was and thankful to God for Him bringing us together 32 years ago. Thanks for writing this and sharing your work in process.

    1. Jon, thanks for sharing your insight! My condolances on the loss of your wife! God has a way of sending things to us that will help us when we need encouragement. Here is wishing you God’s blessings.

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