We have lived in our home for as long as we have been married.  It started out as small.  As you walked into the house, you passed thru a small hall into the living room.  One of the first projects Bryan did, was to remove10423259_755834237798380_2341331150574818377_n10690010_755835341131603_4199227567435461829_n.jpg this area and opened it to rest of the room.  We then took out all the windows out from the front of the house and enclosed it.

The home has seen us thru children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.  We over the year had opened our house to people who did not have a place to live.  I guess as I think about this home.  It really has served so much more than our family.

Our home is not grand with beautiful wood floors,   It does not have ample closets.  Over the years we have really out grown our home.  I really do not like the layout of it.  I wish It was more open, the kitchen is not big and grand like I wish it was.

We are not to the type to go buy all new furnishings.  I have always tried to maintain the house hold to be very tasteful and well manicured inside and out.  One day I will not have to pick up every ones shoes.    My biggest pet peeve is my daughters shoes all over the living room.  I will not spend a whole day doing laundry.  Or standing in the kitchen having morning coffee as my husband is leaving to go to work.

All things have their season.  It is funny how we forget to just learn to appreciate these moments and to be thankful for old house that we call home.  As I write this I am setting in my Master suite that my husband built out love for me.  The roof covers my head, he built.  I needed to be reminded of the love of this place I call home.

Home is where you story is!  It is where your heart is at peace.

2 SAMUEL 7:11 I’m going to give you peace from all your enemies. reminds me my home has been a place of refuge for many.  I have grown to understanding the art of home.