Love Always Leaves A Mark

New season’s of change.  The weather going from hot too cold.  the tree’s leaves gone from the trees.  Cool mornings and we begin a new month of November.  Time goes so fast.  Today our grandson is 3 months old.  How change is so subtle.  It was yesterday I was brand new Mom. I remember taking pictures of this little girl and being in awe of how pretty she was.  Now this little girl is now a mom starting her life as a wife and mother.  Yet it seems like yesterday.

Some people think they have time.  They will get around to making  decisions.  They can just enjoy the season without planning.  When I was 18 years old.  I was volunteering at Awana with my sister-in-law Lorie.  I was so excited to talk to little kids about Jesus and what we were teaching.  Out of conversation I realized I had not asked Jesus to be my savior.  In a blue Chevette I remember praying for Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into me life! remember how I felt the Holy Spirit come into my heart.  I cried.  At 18 I had no idea what I actually had really done.  I am now in 50’s and I learn more about my Jesus.

What a glorious day it is to enjoy all the beauty of the seasons.  As I look around I am reminded that God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son. So that no one should perish and have ever lasting life John 3;16 I feel that this is what captured my heart to want a relationship with Jesus.   What an awesome love that is that he would want to save the entire world!  Not a state, Not a city, Not a country but all of us!

Love always leaves a mark!  If you have ever loved, you know what I am talking about. We need to remember that each passing Season belongs to us.  But if we believe in the great love that God sent into the world named Jesus.  We need to be excited about each day that is given to share with others that this is the day to make the decision.

That simple prayer I made at 18 has given me amazing grace and love has truly left its mark on me.  I hope that I never forget the importance to be glad in this day!  Rejoice and share the great news of salvation.