What’s in it for me?  It is a question that comes up in life.  I was thinking of what Jesus did not ask!  He did not say “what’s in it for me!'” He said what can I do for you!  He came for you and me.  From the beginning God was preparing the world for Jesus.

In today’s society I see the “ME” mentality everywhere from how we are advertised too, to the music we here on the radio and how Hollywood promotes the “Me” mentality.

What’s in it for me to hurt others, tear my loved ones down, being rude toward the person serving me in a restaurant or to the cashier who waits on me? To speak poorly of one another because instead of respecting differences we judge.  Out of emotional and at times,  irrational thinking.  What’s in it for me,  is right out of the “I want it all attitude”.

Me people see themselves before they see others.  The focus is all about them…Emotional gratification is promoted as you have arrived!  Arrived at broken lives, broken dreams, broken careers and broken people who are subject of the me person.

What could it be if we could all say, What can I do for you?  Not worrying about what’s in it for me!  What is important is when we reach out to serve one another.

In Philippians Paul reminds us that we should the following.  Do things for the right reasons.  Regard others as more important than yourself, to look out for the interest of others.  Jesus was a great example of putting others first.  Being selfless to serve one others.

I am challenged to be less me at times as we all are.  Choices we make everyday mean that we can be “What its in it for me in serving others today!  Be selfless and courageous.

What’s in it for me?  Simply peace and joy of being authentic in service to others.