I encourage you to remember each day is a gift.  Treasure this day the Lord had given and remember to be thankful


What is like to be more than you?  Well it can mean so many different things.  As I see it, today I am in my 50’s and the things I have learned to get here have given me life lessons  no class room would have given me.

In my twenties I was self consumed and all about me!  Hard to admit. I was focused on making a career mark.  I pushed myself to be more for others to be proud of me.  All though the person I wanted to be proud of me past away when I was twenty.  This decade taught me a lot I did not really know. It was a time of loss,  personal destruction and an attitude that was not God centered.  It was all about ME-

In my thirties it was about becoming a mother and still trying to find more to hold onto.  Self doubts, defeat, loss and rejection then found me.   I had to learn to stop caring about things outside my circle of life.  I had my family to attend too and still I had to earn a living.  No staying at home to nuture.  Nuturing was done in route to day care, to work,  dinner time and bedtime.  It felt as if I was the invisable women. I got thru this to meet the next chapter!

My forty’s I was filled with false promises of success, health, career, and death.  All of the sudden it was real.  The people that have been part of your journey are sick and passing.  I dealt with my own mortality when I had a heart attack at 45 years of age.  It has been 8 years since that event and I still do not have the stamina like I did then.  I found myself trying to protect my loved ones from my own death.  I watched my sister say good bye to her best friend to death.  I said good bye to my father in law and my mother all before my fifties. I would have career adventures that left my loved ones waiting for me to come back home.  My forties were a time of fear of the future.

Now in my fifties I have dealt with death, career challenges, health and the second generation.  Our tree of life is growing with our grandson being born.   In my fifties I thought would be a time of great freedom.  Money in the bank,  time to work on bucket lists and quiet days spending time doing things I wanted to do.  Thus far It is not exactly the way I saw it.  I miss my mother in law who we lost in February of 2016.  I wish she could see our little grandson.  Ann would have loved him.  She had such a love for babies.

We must take the time we have and value it.  Some people do not get to be in there fifties. Be humble as Jesus told his deciples.  My faith is stronger than ever.  I am thankful even when I have no idea how God will provide an answer, he does!  He does not fail to love me even though I am not young and youthful.  He loves me and is here for me.

I encourage you to remember each day is a gift.  Treasure this day the Lord had given and remember to be thankful for all you have been given.  Being more than you,  means God has plans to prosper you & grow your life.1C5A706B-42A5-4DC3-9D7C-371E66A8D314