Coffee with God,  I love when I start my day with quiet reflection with God.  I try to start my days not in a rush.  Well today is the day the Lord has made.  I will be thankful and give him praise.  Life changes when we stop to be thankful.  My coffee cup time with God on work days starts on my commute. I turn the radio off and I speak to God.  I know that this time is well spent.

2017 has been a tough year.  My Father in heaven has been so much in more my life because I have focused more on picking up my Bible, spending time listening to his word through what I choose to tune my radio too and also thru the use of my blog.

We are still dealing with life struggles. However when I realize that I do not need to be the answer alone.  Seek God in all circumstances. Listen and wait on him.  God waits on us to stop trying to do it our way,  everytime I do it my way I am being deceived.

Deception is what Satin will bring.  I know he sends broken hope.  At first glance it does not look like broken hope.  It will come as Gods grace.  Be careful to be prayerful and take time to seek God in all circumstances.  If it feels to good to be true it probably is!

I am thankful for my failings and for my God who is never-changing.  My hope is not in me.  My faith is in God.  My coffee cup is filled by him, All his love was sent to save a sinner like me.  Jesus is our savior!  Nothing that we go through belongs to us, if we allow God to work in our lives.  Thank you for this day!

I wish you good coffee and time with God today and everyday!  It is the best way to start my day!