What’s your story?  I was thinking about how would I answer this question.  We all have a story to share.  We just stop looking at our lives as worthy to share.  I see a world where we post of social media to share a piece of ourselves.  But I sometimes do not see the beauty shared.  I see rude remarks, statements that do not reflect kindness toward others.  We have become cynical toward one another.  We do not take time to ask about one another.

My children did not get to know my parents, siblings or grandparents.  But if I take time to leave tid bits into these amazing people the story of me will be shared.  I want my children to share with my grandchildren about what type of woman I was.

I want them to know that I was a woman who over came obstacles, learned to cook so I could share holidays with each of them.  That I was a women who cared about tradions, Our Daughter Saturdays!  That I loved and was willing to sacrafice for them!  My story includes success and most important failures that I have lived thru and showed my children that you can overcome.  My story is full of amazing people who changed my life because of their stories.  They added to me.  Unselfish gifts from God to me…..

When we take time to share our life with others we over come so much.  I start my day in praise and prayer that God will use me for good and that I represent God.  A little less me and a lot more Jesus.

My story is about growing, loss of youth and joy of becoming more even though I am not young.  I am thankful for the story of me…. I know that I have something to share and I hope that my story will mean hope for those who read about my life thru this blog.  So much to share.  So much to be hopeful about.  We are not ordinary!

God made us each extrordinary!  Share your story it is the best story to leave your family.

Love to here your story!