Appreciating the good things


The appreciation of the changing of the seasons. I grumble a bit about the first freeze of Nebraska.  But once it happens,  I accept that old man Winter is coming! My daughters love Fall.  We do a lot of fun things to celebrate this amazing time of the year.

In the kitchen the crock pot comes out of hiding to warm the house with the smell of chicken cooking to become home made chicken noodle soup.  Home made bread with fresh made preserves.  The warmth of the pellet stove burning in the morning.

As I drive toward my job I get to see the beauty of the trees along the river in full color.  the summer clothese all tucked away as my fall and winter wardrobe moves from the front of the closet to the back.  The summer furniture all put away,  the summer decor put away to meet the fall stone ware, wreaths and candles that now fill the home with scents of apples, pumpkin and spice.

What a glorious time that this time is!   As I get older I take time to really look at what God has given us to rejoice in.  The renewal of spring to the growing of nature to a time to re new thru dormancy.  We all have a season.  It seems like yesterday I was young and full of energy.  As I have aged that energy has changed.  The people who I thought that would never die are all gone….  The Bible sys in Romans 12:9 Cling to what is good.

Appreciate what is given. Appreciate the season.  Be thankful in this day!