I think of my life and the things I have done!  The good things are the things I do not really focus on!  I look at the things I did that were wrong!   Bad choices!  Did my decisions cause my harvest to be tainted because of my sin?

You bet it has!  The price of my sin is that my Father is a loving Father but he will hold me accountable for my sins.  Yes I am forgiven!  However my sin has to be ratified.  No one wants to pay the price for their choices.  This price is a bit different than buying a car and having buyers remorse!  It is the sin of choices that we all make that has to be paid.  How bad is my sin? What should be the price?  I am forgiven but their is a price  for my sin.   God will hold me accountable.  As he should.

As I drive down the road to work I try to spend quiet uninterrupted time with my father. I find myself listening for him to talk to me.  And in these times I find him with me.  Do I always like the answers he shares.  No!  But I have to own it!  To be better I must own it.

Submit to God and you will have peace. Job 22:21   What a wonderful scripture of hope. We should know that no matter what we can have peace grace and his mercy.

The sin I am dealing with is grumbling about messy house,  money,  kids and work!  I am working not to grumble about all the above.  We are not grumble against one another.  We are to get along.  Philippians 2:24 says “Do all things without grumbling or questioning.”  So I am working on this.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to save me and God loved us enough to send Jesus!

John 3:15 “For God so loved the world, that he sent his only begotten son so that all who know him would not be forsaken.”    I am thankful I get to be a work in progress.