As wife, mother and grandmother I believe that we need to hold to heritage.  Be proud of where we are from and always show pride in who we represent.  The American Flag and the National Anthem are non negotiable parts of this GREAT NATION!

Why do we allow people who should be showing leadership to disgrace themselves while being watched, revered and paid ridiculous amounts of money to play a game?

The world is watching how we behave!  It is not okay to show disrespect!  Our behaviors as a Nation should be to honor and be proud of the American flag and National Anthem.

Pride and prejudice is celebrated for a group of people who show no respect for themselves nor their neighbor by behaving and influencing youth of our country to behave poorly.  What you do,  does matter!

To have Armor vested officers at a Football game for a group of thankless men who to refused to stand for the National Anthem was truly disrespecting those who serve to protect our rights!

Francis Scott Key (August 1, 1779 – January 11, 1843) was an American lawyer, author, and amateur poet, from Georgetown, who wrote the lyrics to the United States’ national anthem, “. The Star-Spangled Banner”.    He was a man of valor who today is still remembered.  We should care about the pride he wrote of. We should care about the flag and patriotism that he wrote of.

To respect the flag and the National Anthem is part of our Country standing for ONE NATION UNDER GOD being UNITED AS ONE!  It is truly stomping on those who  are serving or have served!    Dishonoring the men and woman who laid down their lives for your freedoms!

Brave men and woman wake up everyday to go to work to protect us and our rights.  All ranks of the Armed Services,  Our Law enforcement and even Emergency Responders protect us daily under the Flag!

What message are we sending to our youth who look up to these Athletes to behave like this.  I would recommend we as a Nation not tolerate such poor manners.