As I ask this question Who is running?  I am compelled to share a story of discovery.  Not so long ago my family was very different.  I had a father in law, A mother, A step mother and a mother in law.  We lost each of them to  CANCER-  Then my husband was diagnosed.  When you think you are trusting in God and you are not!  I found myself in a place where I saw things as blessings from God.  But,  just like King Soleman I was doing what I wanted instead of trusting God.  I fell into sin.  This sin of throwing myself into work out of fear of “how will I!”

I was so worried about the hospital bills and what if my husband dies.  I stopped letting God work in my life.  Satin loves it when we can be decieved.  Unlike King Soleman.  He allowed an evil spirit to take over him.  He became bitter because God no longer would speak to him.  We are warned in the Bible never allow our hearts to harden.

I am thankful that God loves me enough to humble me and bring me back into his guidance.  As a child of God I fall down a lot.  However each time I fall, God gives me a chance to learn from my mistakes.  What did I do wrong?  I decided to run ahead of God and decide for myself.  No faith in his plan for me.  I would figure all my issues out by myself. This never works!   Luke 17 God warned the apostles That no matter what we should never cause a believer to be tempted causing this person to lose faith.  We are to forgive one another we are to rebuke them if the repint. Faith is not being the runner, it is allowing God to run the race because we are faithful.  He then will forgive us when we go to him and ask!

I am learning to wait on my God and be faithful.   It is amazing when we trust and let God move us toward what he has in store for us How different the journey is.

Saved by grace-