The world can make us see things in such a negative light.  Yet being more than me used to never be enough…..  I would not like my hair,  I would judge myself so harshly against what I would percieve I needed to be!  It has taken me a long time to realize that God knows me….He accepts me for who I am!  He knows my heart and he knows what I am going thru.  He heres my needs, He sees me in my best and he sees me at my worst.

Being more than me changed when I accepted Jesus as my savior.  The Holy spirit came in and became one with me… Yet I did not realize that this gift he has given me!   I am never alone.  He is with me and will not forsake me.

When I go into the world I should reflect Jesus!  But am I good at this?  Not always.  I have to think differently from being me!  When I was just MINDY I did not think of others needs.  My focus was about myself!  Jesus changed this all.  It has taken me a long time to realize that I am not alone now!  I have a companion who also sees me completely.

Isiah 58:11 says where God guides he provides!   This changed everything!  Because where I go he goes!  My accountabilty changed once I allowed God to work in my life.  His plan is always better than mine.  So I ask you to open yourself to what God will start in you he will complete!

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