Love your neigbor!  So easy to see this statement but doing this is something so much different.  I have really struggled with this over the past couple years.  We had a rental property that we had bought for my brother years ago. When my brother moved in with us we decided to use it as a rental.  My husband worked very hard gutting an remodeling the home.  We used it as a rental for many years.  We decided to sell it due to my work kept me away from home and my husband did not like dealing with the renters needs.

We got an offer and sold the house in 2014 to a man who told us that he was buying it for his son. Well this is not what he did. He moved in a couple that bought it on contract.  They parked on the lawn.  let the lawn turn into weeds and put up a tent off the patio and filled it with household stuff.  I was devastated over all of this.

We live right beside this home.  The husband would give me dirty looks or I would asume that he was giving me dirty looks. I ranted and raved to my sister about how upset I was over what they had done to the property that we had taken so much care of.  My sister reminded me,  as well as my husband,  that the property was no longer ours!

They would have huge bon fires in the front yard. I would kringe. So angry at this man who would sell this home on contract to people like this!  I was being so judgemental.  It consumed me with bad thoughts toward our neigbors.  While I was being angry my husband was being a man of God.  The neigbor man is Native American.  My husband is proud of his Native heritage and creates beautuful LOVE FLUTES.  While Bryan was recoverying from Cancer last year the man gave Bryan some old wood.  Bryan took it and carved it into a beautiful Love Flute for this Neigbor.  He even made a stand for the flute.

I am so convicted of my auful attitude.  It comes down to differences.  My judgements are about how I think people should take care of their home.  It is none of my business.  While I was judging them for letting the yard go.  I was unaware that his wife had cancer too.  Mark 12:31 states that you are to love your neighbor as yourself.  So I have worked to get to know my neigbor better and to respect differences.

I also feel that this is to be applied with all our community and to be kind and be in the service to one another.  When we can help one another we create hope.  My husband is a great example of this. I know that God is working on me…

If we all would be convicted for our sin against one another we would do more to love one another.  So I hope that this message will help you to look at your neighbor with love.