As I set down to a quiet home to write I remind myself it took me time to get here. I have wanted to write for a long time. I wanted to do a lot of things that I have not gotten too. We all have plans that for some reason is just not right or we run from what we want to do because of money.

My story starts here. Growing up in a poor home, we did not really know how poor we were. My Dad never had a credit card! Not one!  He paid the bills and would not allow my step mother this role. I think because he had given this role to my Mother. I remember my Step Mother never went to town without my Dad’s permission. Once a week they would normally go grocery shopping together.

When you are young some things you just don’t remember or later you realize you blocked things. My real Mom was only in my life for a season. I loved my Mom and what I do remember about Mom was her leaving us a lot. In my parents room I remember on Mom’s side of the bed there were always magazine and books. My Mother loved to read. She always read love stories. My father Had a love for Western History Books but had no use for Harlequin Books.

Reading was a place my Mom would go to escape her life! My mother never read to us. When I was about 8 years old my Dad and Mom divorced. I will never get over my Dad’s then girlfriend moving in and throwing all of my Mother’s clothes and her belongings in the garbage. My Mother had a black fur coat that I just loved. I think I only saw her wear it once. It made such an impression on me.

I protested and went out and got that coat. My older sister scolded me and told me to not worry about that coat. I think it is because Glen had probably called Mom to come get her stuff.

My twin sister Cindy remembers things I did not remember. I blocked a lot of this time because I loved my Mother so much. It was more like a death to me when my parents divorced because we would only see our Mother a few more times and then she moved away. Cindy remembers Mom being arrested for writing bad checks. She was in jail when My Dad went in front of the court to dissolve his marriage to my Mother.

Mom stayed in town for not too long working as a waitress at Randolph’s Steak House and then she was gone. In those days women did not pay child support.
Mom would call to visit with us and my Step Mom would hang up on her. We did not speak to Mom for a least four years.

We moved to Huntley, Wyoming Dad closed his shop and he went to work for his cousin Chuck Jones. I remember when we moved into this farm house thinking that we were rich! The house had a closed in wrap around porch that you walked into and then into a kitchen with the laundry in the hall that led to a huge Master bedroom with more closets I had ever seen. the house had a bathroom that had doors on both sides (Jack & Jill) Us girls had a huge room and the boys had bedroom. later Chuck moved in a trailer house that they set up right off the one side of the house so we all had enough places to sleep.

The living room was huge!  As a small child I thought that house was so big. Recently I visited the home I grew up. Now it is abandoned, I could not believe how small that house was. The dreaming I did in this place still today makes me smile. The house had trees all around it and I loved the beauty of that yard. I remember Dad mowing the yard. My step mother loved flowers more then she loved being in the house she liked to garden. She planted a ton of flowers around that house. She loved Iris’s and Four O Clocks. Now that I reflect my step mother had good qualities that did not want to see.

I was not happy to have a step mother. It was a terrible time I remember having to leave the small house on East D to move to Huntley. I remember thinking all my school friends would forget me!

Jeanie was more a mother then my Mom had been. But she favored her children which I do understand would be normal “Mom” behavior.  I learned this when God blessed us with our children.

Jeanie passed away in March 2014.  People need to be celebrated- Tell people you love them when you can.  We are here for such a short time.   I Wish I could take time back!

Thank YOU God for giving us time to realize what is important.  I will celebrate the memories of the people God has graced my life with.  10690010_755835341131603_4199227567435461829_n