Life Worth

IMG_1298What is my life worth?    People who think that their answers are the only answers!  Really?  How is that one can become so sure of themselves and their solutions without looking at other options?

I look for solutions and I try to see more than my view.  Why?   Because I am not always right!  My husband Bryan is a quiet man who loves God and me!  I am fortunate to have such a good man to call my husband. He cares about me and does nice things because he does love me.  We look out for one another.

My goal in life is simple.  Be successful enough to keep money in his pocket.  I think of his needs and what would please him.  I don’t do this out of service,  I do this because he matters!  I love him!  When we love something more than ourselves God opens doors for good things to come into our lives.

I was working on a sheet today that listed our worth.  It was upsetting to me that at 53 years our life’s worth is not much!  a home, few vehicles and stuff that makes up a used life!  All the things we have matters today to who!  The holder of the stuff!  Stuff does not give me love!  Maybe we think it does but it does not!  I stopped buying new clothes seasonally years ago as a way to save.  I wear the same summer sandals season after season, the same shoes season after season.  I choose things that are well made and take good care of what I have.   We are to be good stewards of what God provides.  When I go to heaven the items here on earth mean nothing to me.  I will have no need to worry about them.  Our children will be left with items that were apart of me that God provided me to use here.  1 Thessalonians 5:18 reminds me the “Give THANKS in all circumstances; for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  What I have is enough.

I give praise today to for the good life and the value that is more precious than gold and silver.  The worth I have to my savior