Some Moments

As I reflect this moment today…..I trust God!  I cannot correct things others do.  I can trust that I am used for the good in life in how I choose to treat others.  I started a new job just three weeks ago with a company I know I could help the people be amazing.

Today that company announced they are being asked to vacate their contract within 60 days. They fired a man who has worked and served here for a long time. A broken hearted man was asked to leave.  So I ask “God be with this man and his family today. Set his feet toward success”.  Amen

What brought this to a place of disaster for this contract. When agreements are made it is easy to say someone else can do it better and cheaper.  In reality it can be.  But if you just fire the company and keep the old staff do you change anything?  I found that this does not change things for the better!  In the business world we must look to find solutions.  We need to help others less trained or with less skill become skilled by coming along side our people and helping them meet goals toward there on personal best!

Some moments are defined out of confusion.  Chaos or not understanding that certain things must take place. It is up to each person to come together with defined expectations to overcome needs in any agreement.

Some moments are defining moments that do not effect one but many.  I think if we could all take time and be more like James 4:11  “Do not speak evil against one another.”  We cannot help others by tearing them down.

Some moments can be changed when we learn to love and value one another. if you are an “I” person, you are missing the “WE” opportunities to change yourself by being part of a team.

James 4:14 “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring.  What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.

Together Each Accomplish More Amazing Moments-